Virtual Open House Series

Past Webinars

2020 Urban Water Management Plan and Water Shortage Contingency Plan

Date: Friday, June 11, 2021 12:00PM PST

Presenter: Kateline Lin

Description: SJW invited public input on its 2020 Urban Water Management Plan (UWMP) and updated Water Shortage Contingency Plan (WSCP). During this public hearing, attendees learned more about these plans that help ensure adequate water supplies are available - now and in the future. A copy of the draft 2020 UWMP and WSCP is available for review here. Public comments on these plans were provided at the public hearing and can be submitted in writing to

The UWMP integrates many elements, including:

  • Service area land use changes and population growth
  • Historical and projected water demands
  • Availability of water supplies
  • Supply reliability under normal, single dry, and multiple dry year scenarios
  • Water shortage contingency planning
  • Demand management programs

The WSCP is included in the UWMP report, but is also a standalone plan that integrates many elements, including:

  • Water shortage stages
  • Shortage response actions
  • Communication protocols

Download a PDF of the presentation. 


Infrastructure – Building a Better Future

Date: Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Description: Learn how upgrades to our tanks, reservoirs, wells, and mains now mean long term stability for SJW customers. Engineers John-Carlo Guevara and Brandon Stieber share their expertise on SJW’s vast distribution system, and answer questions from the public on the impact these investments have on your water service and community.

Read more on SJW’s proposed $435 million capital budget at

Download a PDF of the presentation. 


Advanced Leak Detection – Technology Showcase: Listening for Leaks

Date: Thursday, February 11, 2021

Presenters: Hannah Lin, Senior Associate Engineer, Mark Gutierrez, Leak Detection Technician, and Damon Rodriguez, Leak Detection Technician.

Description: Through years of innovation, SJW has developed a cutting-edge water loss prevention program that combines acoustics and sensors installed on fire hydrants to detect leaks before they become a major problem. This technology has made us an industry leader in fighting water loss, benefiting our customers and distribution system in multiple ways.

Download a PDF of the presentation.



Water Rates – Everything You Wanted to Know and More!

Date: Friday, December 11, 2020

Presenters: Sharon Whaley, Corporate Communications Manager, and Q&A with John Tang, Vice President of Regulatory Affairs.

Description: Together, Sharon and John will discuss how water rates are set, what you get for your money, and what to expect in 2021. Questions are welcome!

For more background information about water rates in 2021, go to our 2021 Water Rates page.

Download a PDF of the presentation.



Emergency Preparedness

Date: Thursday, November 12, 2020

Presenters: Jim Wollbrinck, Director of Emergency Management and Business Resiliency, San Jose Water and Don Schumacher, Lead Superintendent, The Connecticut Water Company

Description: We’ve gone bi-coastal for our Emergency Preparedness Virtual Open House with San Jose Water and Connecticut Water. Together, Jim Wollbrinck of SJW and Don Schumacher of Connecticut Water, respected leads of emergency management and security, break down information that all customers should be aware of in the event of an emergency. Find out how a major earthquake or fire could affect your power and water lines, how much water and other supplies a typical household needs, and best practices for securing these items. 

For more information on our Emergency Preparedness page.

Download a PDF of the presentation.



Smart Water Meters

Date: Thursday, September 17, 2020

Presenter: Kateline Lin, P.E., Associate Engineer

Description: Smart water meters represent the next generation of water meter technology. You can check your water usage at the touch of button anytime, monitor for leaks, set up usage notifications, and more. Join our webinar to learn more about SJW’s roadmap to bringing smart water meters to you!

For more background information about smart meters, go to our Advanced Metering Infrastructure page.

Download a PDF of the presentation.


Water Quality

Date: Thursday, August 13, 2020

Presenter: Francois Rodigari, Director of Water Quality & Environmental Services at SJW

Description: For Water Quality Month, our expert Francois Rodigari provides an overview of our rigorous water testing process, discusses steps SJW is taking to address PFAS concerns, and answers any questions you may have.

Download a PDF of the presentation.

For more information about your water quality, visit our Water Quality page.

Download a copy of our 2019 Water Quality Report here:

2019 Water Quality Report cover




Past Presenters

Hannah Lin's headshot

Hannah Lin: Advanced Leak Detection

Hannah Lin is a Senior Associate Engineer in San Jose Water’s Capital Planning and Asset Management department. A member of San Jose Water’s Leak Detection team, she is also a key contributor to the Asset Management Program, and is responsible for asset management plans, studies, and initiatives. She holds a B.S. and M.S. in Civil Engineering from Stanford University and UC Berkeley, and is a registered California Professional Engineer and Certified Reliability Leader.

Mark Gutierrez's headshot

Mark Gutierrez: Advanced Leak Detection

Mark Gutierrez is a Leak Detection Technician and a member of San Jose Water's Leak Detection Team — a group that lives within the Engineering Department. An 11-year veteran of San Jose Water, he began with the company as a Distribution worker. In this role, he maintained and repaired infrastructure. He has been at the forefront of the Leak Detection Program and Team since its inception. Mark has a wealth of knowledge about the program and loves working with customers. He is very committed to making Leak Detection a great success!

Damon-Rodriguez's headshot

Damon Rodriguez: Advanced Leak Detection

Damon Rodriguez is a Leak Detection Technician and a member of the San Jose Water Leak Detection Team. He has been with the company for 18 years, beginning in the Distribution Department, where he maintained and repaired infrastructure. He recently moved to the Engineering Department to focus on leak detection. He has been a pioneer in this field — instrumental in implementing the program and building the team.

Sharon Whaley's headshot

Sharon Whaley: Water Rates

Sharon Whaley is the Corporate Communications Manager at San Jose Water. She oversees the company’s social media platforms, brand collateral, and community outreach efforts. She has been actively involved in San Jose Water’s recycled water, conservation, and sustainability programs as well as part of the Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) pilot. Whaley obtained an Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration from San Jose State and a Masters of Business Administration degree from Santa Clara University.

John Tang's headshot

John Tang: Water Rates

John Tang is Vice President of Regulatory Affairs and Government Relations for San Jose Water. His career spans more than 25 years in the areas of environmental engineering and public affairs. John is currently responsible for leading the company’s regulatory affairs, corporate communications, and government relations programs. John holds BS and MS degrees in Civil Engineering from San Jose State University and an MBA from Columbia University.  He is a licensed Professional Engineer in California.

Francois Rodigari's headshot

Francois Rodigari: Water Quality & PFAS

As the Director of Water Quality and Environmental Services at San Jose Water, Francois Rodigari is responsible for drinking water compliance, distribution system water quality, and environmental compliance. He previously worked for East Bay Municipal Utility District (EBMUD), Northern Testing Laboratories in Anchorage, Alaska, and the Alaska Health Project in Anchorage, Alaska.

Mr. Rodigari obtained a Business Certificate in Switzerland, a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology, and a Master of Science degree in Environmental Quality Engineering from the University of Alaska Fairbanks.  He holds D2 Water Distribution Operator and T3 Water Treatment Operator certifications, both issued by the California State Water Resources Control Board.

Jim Wollbrinck's Headshot

Jim Wollbrinck: Emergency Preparedness

Jim Wollbrinck is responsible for all aspects of Emergency Management (Plans, Procedures, Training and Exercise) as well as Corporate Security Systems and Procedures. He participates in many organizations in the security, business continuity and emergency preparedness fields at a local, state and national level. A graduate of USF with a B.S. in Applied Economics, Wollbrinck also holds a Grade 3 Water Treatment Operator Certification through the California State Water Resources Control Boards, Division of Drinking Water, and is a former Senior Member of the American Society for Quality.

Don Schumacher's Headshot

Don Schumacher: Emergency Preparedness

Don Schumacher is the Lead Superintendent for The Connecticut Water Company.  He is responsible for leading the company’s programs on Safety, Emergency Management, and Physical Security. Mr. Schumacher holds both a Class 2 Water Distribution Operator’s and Class 2 Water Treatment Operator’s Licenses.  He is also Board Certified in Security Management as a Certified Protection Professional.

Brandon Stieber Headshot

Brandon Stieber: Infrastructure

Brandon Stieber is a Senior Civil Engineer at San Jose Water's Special Facilities Engineering Department. After earning his B.S. in Civil Engineering at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, Brandon worked for a small Civil Engineering/Land Development firm. He entered the water industry in 2015 with a position in SJW’s Special Facilities Engineering Department. Since then, Brandon has designed and overseen the design of tank, pump station, well, piping and control valve projects as part of SJW’s Capital Improvement Program (CIP). Brandon has a passion for the design of potable water infrastructure that provides a reliable and life-sustaining product to the community.

John-Carlo Guevara photo

John-Carlo Guevara: Infrastructure

John-Carlo Guevara is an Assistant Engineer at San Jose Water's Engineering Department. After obtaining his B.S. in Civil Engineering from Santa Clara University, John-Carlo accepted a role with the SJW Engineering Department’s Pipeline Design Group. Since joining the team, he has been involved with many potable and recycled water pipeline projects throughout the SJW service area under the company’s CIP. John-Carlo is proud to serve the local community by helping to upgrade and improve its water system infrastructure, ensuring access to clean and reliable water.

Headshot of Kateline Lin, presenter

Kateline Lin, Senior Associate Engineer

Kateline Lin is a Senior Associate Engineer in the Capital Planning and Asset Management department at San Jose Water, where she is responsible for master planning and capital budgeting work. Most recently, she has been the lead on preparing San Jose Water's 2020 Urban Water Management Plan. Kateline obtained a B.S. degree in Civil Engineering and a M.S. degree in Environmental Engineering and Science from Stanford University. She is registered as a Professional Civil Engineer in California.