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How to Read Your Bill

Get an overview of the information located on your billing statement, including an annotated bill explaining each section.

Category: Understand Billing

Rate Information, Cases + FAQs

Learn more about why water rates have increased.

Category: Rates & Regulations

Why Are Rates Going Up?

Our rates are set by an independent third party. Find out what factors determine them.

Category: Rates & Regulations

How to Check for Water Loss

Water loss can be expensive and cause property damage. Learn how to see if you're loosing water.

Category: Leaks & Water Loss

What about Fluoride?

Beginning in 2016, the Santa Clara Valley Water District began delivering fluoridated water to SJW. Find answers to your questions about it here.

Category: Water Quality

Who's Responsible for What?

What part of the system am I responsible for?

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Billing Schedules

The "schedule" refers to the type of service a customer uses. See rates for different schedules.

Category: Rates & Regulations

Color, Sediment, Taste & Odor FAQs

Many factors affect your water. See answers to frequently asked questions about its attributes.

Category: Water Quality

Filings with the CPUC

See legal documents filed with the California Public Utilities Commission.

Category: Rates & Regulations

Reading Your Meter

What's your meter telling you? Find out here.

Category: Understand Billing

System Improvements

See how we're improving our infrastructure, including a map of where improvement projects are happening.

Need Water, Hydrant, or Fire Flow Design Information?

Find information and request data reports for hydrant flow, and commercial and residential fire sprinkler and plumbing design.