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How to Read Your Bill

Get an overview of the information located on your billing statement, including an annotated bill explaining each section.

Category: Understand Billing

Rate Information, Cases + FAQs

Learn more about why water rates have increased.

Category: Rates & Regulations

Why Are Rates Going Up?

Our rates are set by an independent third party. Find out what factors determine them.

Category: Rates & Regulations

How to Check for Water Loss

Water loss can be expensive and cause property damage. Learn how to see if you're loosing water.

Category: Leaks & Water Loss

What about Fluoride?

Beginning in 2016, the Santa Clara Valley Water District began delivering fluoridated water to SJW. Find answers to your questions about it here.

Category: Water Quality

Who's Responsible for What?

What part of the system am I responsible for?

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System Improvements

See how we're improving our infrastructure, including a map of where improvement projects are happening.