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Advanced Metering Infrastructure

Learn more about our combination with Advanced Metering Infrastructure.

Category: Help & Information



Learn more about what San Jose Water is doing to keep our customers and staff safe during the pandemic. 

How to Read Your Bill

Get an overview of the information located on your billing statement, including an annotated bill explaining each section.

Category: Understand Billing


Rate Information, Cases + FAQs

Learn more about why water rates have increased.

Category: Rates & Regulations

How to Check for Water Loss

Water loss can be expensive and cause property damage. Learn how to see if you're losing water.

Category: Leaks & Water Loss

What to do in an Emergency

Being prepared for the next emergency is the best thing you can do to insure your health and safety. Check our Emergency Preparedness page for tips and resources on how to be prepared. 


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What is fluoride and how does it affect your water? See answers to these questions as well as the fluoridation levels in your area.

Category: Water Quality

How to Read Your Bill

See every part of your bill explained.

Category: Understand Billing

Hard & Soft Water FAQs

See what "hard" and "soft" water mean, and how to tell that either flow through your pipes.

Category: Water Quality