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Rebates & Incentives

Find Ways to Save

Read on to see if you'll benefit from any of the rebate programs offered through the Santa Clara Valley Water District (SCVWD). As funding may be limited for some programs, you may want to contact the SCVWD before pursuing projects.

Get $150 for Water Submeter Installation

The SCVWD is offering up to $150 per installed submeter to mobile home park and condominium operators.

Reduce Water Use, Save Up to $50K

The SCVWD is offering rebates of up to $50,000 per water conservation project to commercial, industrial, and institutional water customers for the implementation of process and equipment changes which reduce business water usage.

Learn the Latest About Efficient Toilets

Toilets have become more efficient over the years. No more double-flushing needed!. Learn more about today's toilets that can save you water.

Free Landscape Efficiency Survey

This program provides landscape surveys for commercial sites with ½ acre or more of irrigated landscape. See if you qualify.

Get Landscape Equipment Rebates

The Landscape Rebate Program provides rebates for HOAs, businesses, and institutions that conserve water by replacing qualifying high water use landscape and/or upgrading to qualifying high efficiency irrigation equipment. See details.

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Qualify for a Water Bill Discount?

Learn more about our water rate assistance program.

Water Rate Assistance Program

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