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Press Release: June 23, 2021

San Jose Water is encouraging its 230,000 customers to begin conserving water immediately in response to the drought emergency declared by Valley Water, its water wholesaler, which provides approximately 90% of the water supply for SJW customers. All residential, business and commercial customers are asked to cut water usage by 15% from 2019 levels.

At this time, there will not be any customer drought surcharges (penalties) for excess water use, however, we are asking all of our customers to comply. The Company is committed to helping customers with their conservation efforts and providing every opportunity to achieve the targeted usage reduction.

SJW will continue to monitor water usage. If the desired level of conservation is not achieved by August 31, 2021, the Company may need to adjust its response. This could include the imposition of drought surcharges if required by the California Public Utilities Commission or other government agencies.

Under its updated Rule 14.1 Water Shortage Contingency Plan, SJW is aligning this plan with its 2020 Urban Water Management Plan, and activating Stage 3 of its Water Shortage Contingency Plan.  Mandatory water use restrictions under this plan focus on outdoor water use, which accounts for half of the average household’s total use. A complete list of rules can be found at

See the complete press release here
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Reading Your Meter

Water loss inside your home or business can be very expensive and cause property damage. Learn how to spot water loss and how to read your meter. 

How to Check for Leaks

When it comes to water usage, sometimes even the most conscientious residents can be wasting water and running up their water bill without knowing it. Learn more about leaks. 

Report Water Waste and Leaks

If you see water waste:

Please fill out this form and provide as much detail as possible so our staff can best act to resolve the matter.

If you need to report a major leak or water emergency:

Call (408) 279-7900 and our crews will assist you as quickly as possible.

SJW Leak Response and Water Savings

Avoiding water waste is one of SJW's top priorities, especially during extremely dry seasons. See the resources below to learn more about SJW's best-practices and water-saving technologies.

  • Leak Repairs - have a look at our watertight process for dealing with leaks
  • Advanced Leak Detection - our leak detection experts use acoustic sensors to find leaks before they become catastrophic
  • Flushing Truck - our flushing truck uses a closed-loop system to de-clog mains and avoid opening fire hydrants that waste thousands of gallons at a time
  • Infrastructure Investment - we spend $100M per year for main replacements and tank improvements minimizes water loss
  • 2020 Urban Water Management Plan - this plan outlines SJW’s efforts now and into the future for efficient water management
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Water Use Restrictions

Due to extreme drought conditions, water use restrictions are currently in place. See the full list of restrictions here

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Drought FAQ

Review our FAQ to learn more about the drought. 

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For more conservation tips, visit our conservation page!



Our water conservation program is back! After shutting down due to COVID-19 and an extensive safety review, a new contact-less, outdoor-only CATCH program is now available to customers. 

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Order Your FREE Water-Saving Devices

Saving water has never been more important. Order your FREE water-saving devices from ValleyWater’s shopping cart and help us fight this extreme drought!

Drought Update

Drought Updates Archive

In case you missed it: 

June 18, 2021

After two critically dry years, on June 9, 2021, Valley Water, the County’s water supply agency and wholesaler to SJW and other water utilities, declared a drought emergency and established a 15% mandatory conservation based on 2019 usage. 

At this time, SJW is not including drought surcharges (penalties) as part of response. We are committed to helping customers with their conservation efforts and want to give them every opportunity to be successful.

Read the full announcement and older updates in our Drought Updates Archive

Valley Water Statement on the 2021 Drought

Valley Water, our water wholesaler, has asked all Santa Clara residents and businesses to voluntarily reduce their water by 25% compared to 2013 levels. San Jose Water customers have done exceeding well with the prior call for a voluntary 20% reduction since 2016.

A Monthly Water Tracker is available at Valley Water’s website. This is a monthly assessment of trends in water supply and use for Santa Clara County.


Valley Water has several resources and rebate options available to help you save water on landscaping, irrigation, graywater use, and much more. Learn more

United States Drought Monitor

For more information about this year's drought, check out the U.S. Drought Monitor. This tool is produced through a partnership between the National Drought Mitigation Center at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, the United States Department of Agriculture, and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.