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Drought Updates

Watch: San Jose Earthquakes Conserve Water

Check out conservation tips from SJ Earthquakes’ star Tommy Thompson.

State Water Board Targets Commercial Properties in New Drought Regulation

As another indication of the severity of our drought, the State Water Resources Control Board recently adopted an emergency water conservation regulation focused on commercial properties to ensure more aggressive water savings.   

Owners and managers of commercial, industrial, and institutional properties are not allowed to use potable water for irrigating non-functional turf (except for circumstances identified in the regulation).

The ban does not include watering turf that is used for recreation or other community purposes, water used at residences or water to maintain trees. The regulation went into effect on June 10, 2022. For more information on the regulation, head here. And, here is a description of what qualifies as non-functional turf in Santa Clara County. 

We mean business - CII ban of decorative lawns

Tracking Every Drop!

Mandatory conservation is in place. Every drop saved makes a difference. 

Conservation Chart through July 2022
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Plan Details

Visit this page for a summary of the plan, links to additional resources and more.

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Mandatory Conservation Plan FAQs

Have questions about the plan? We have answers.

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Allocation Appeal Forms

Trying to file a customer allocations appeal? There are three ways to do this. Click here for instructions and downloadable forms in English and Spanish.

Leak Status Map

When it comes to reports of water loss, we are on it! Learn more about our leak response process at Leak Repairs. And if you want to find out the status of a specific leak, check out our map.

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Water Use Restrictions



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FAQs about the Drought

Learn more about this severe drought and what you can do. 

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For more conservation tips, visit our conservation page!

Leak Repair

Helpful Links

How to Read Your Meter 

How to Check for Leaks

Report Water Waste and Leaks

If you see water waste:

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If you see a leak:

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If you need to report a major leak or water emergency:

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