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Drought Updates

Mandatory Conservation Plan Approved by CPUC

In response to the extreme drought facing our community, the California Public Utilities Commission approved our Mandatory Conservation Plan on November 17, 2021.

San Jose Water implemented our new Water Shortage Contingency Plan (also known as Schedule 14.1) December 13. 

Tracking Every Drop!

Mandatory conservation is in place. Every drop saved makes a difference. Learn more details about the February 2022 info on our latest blog. 

Conservation Results - January 2022

Mandatory Conservation Plan Resources

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Plan Details

Visit this page for a summary of the plan, links to additional resources and more.

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Mandatory Conservation Plan FAQs

Have questions about the plan? We have answers.

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Allocation Appeal Forms

Trying to file a customer allocations appeal? There are three ways to do this. Click here for instructions and downloadable forms in English and Spanish.

Leak Status Map

When it comes to reports of water loss, we are on it! Learn more about our leak response process at Leak Repairs. And if you want to find out the status of a specific leak, check out our map.

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Water Use Restrictions

Clear lake

FAQs about the Drought

Learn more about this severe drought and what you can do. 

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For more conservation tips, visit our conservation page!



Our water conservation program is back! After shutting down due to COVID-19 and an extensive safety review, a new contact-less, outdoor-only CATCH program is now available to customers. 

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SJW Leak Response and Resources

Avoiding water waste is one of SJW's top priorities, especially during extremely dry seasons. See the resources below to learn more about SJW's best-practices and water-saving technologies.

Leak Repair

We're In This Together

How to Read Your Meter 

How to Check for Leaks

Report Water Waste and Leaks

If you see water waste:

Please fill out this form and provide as much detail as possible so our staff can best act to resolve the matter.

If you see a leak:

Please complete this form so we can investigate as soon as possible. 

If you need to report a major leak or water emergency:

Call (408) 279-7900 and our crews will assist you as quickly as possible.

Drought Update

Drought Updates & Resources

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Order Your FREE Water-Saving Devices

Saving water has never been more important. Order your FREE water-saving devices from ValleyWater’s shopping cart and help us fight this extreme drought!


Fighting the Drought: How You Can Help

Santa Clara County is facing an extreme drought emergency. Avoiding water waste is one of SJW's top priorities and we need your help. Watch this video to learn about simple steps you can take to conserve water. 


Drought Public Hearing

 Watch the the recorded Drought Public Hearing held on Thursday, October 28, 2021 or download a copy of the presentation here.

Super Savers

What is a Super Saver?

A Super Saver is defined as someone who already uses less than 5 units of water per month. These people do not need to reduce their water consumption by 15%. We thank them and greatly appreciate their efforts.

SJW’s updated Water Contingency Plan considers “Super Savers” and has an allocation floor – the minimum amount of water (in CCF) that any customer will receive.

The goal is to NOT penalize Super Savers, but to support them. SJW realizes that these customers can’t cut back 15% when they are using for example, only 2 CCF of water per month.