How to Check for Water Loss

You can use a simple procedure to detect water loss that may exist anywhere in your home or business.

  • Turn off all water inside and outside, making sure that no one uses water during the test period.
  • Read your meter. Mark where the sweep hand is located on your meter.
  • Wait 15 to 20 minutes and see if the hand has moved.
  • If the hand has moved, there is a water loss somewhere.

Water loss inside your home or business can be very expensive and cause property damage. The customer is responsible for repair of everything beyond the meter including the water pipe that connects your home to the water meter.

Learn How to Read Your Meter

If your meter indicates you may have a leak, you should take steps to identify its source yourself or working with a professional plumber. You can also contact SJW to schedule a complementary home water audit, our inspectors may be able to help to identify the most common causes for leaks. They can also provide an overall evaluation of your home's water usage and make recommendations on strategies to improve water conservation.

If you have corrected the leak, you may be eligible for a leak adjustment on your bill. Hang on to any receipts you have as proof of the repair work and contact SJW Customer Service for assistance.