San Jose Water employee in front of monitors and smiling at the camera

Advanced Leak Detection Program: Finding Leaks and Saving Water


Preventing water loss from our underground pipelines helps San Jose Water protect water resources and promote sustainability in our community.

We currently deploy the Echologics Echoshore-DX cellular fixed leak monitoring system, which uses acoustic technology to locate leaks throughout the system. By placing sensors on fire hydrants, the sounds generated by leaks on pipes up to 12 inches in diameter can be detected and analyzed. Other technologies are used to support our technicians as they pinpoint the location of leaks in the field.



This program offers several benefits:

Acoustic Leak Detection Sensors

Acoustic Leak Detection

Acoustic leak detection sensors are placed on special fire hydrant caps. These sensors monitor sounds within our water system and identify acoustic anomalies, which indicate leaks. When acoustic anomalies are found, geographic information is automatically sent to our staff for further investigation. During further investigation, our staff more precisely locates leaks, usually with the leak correlator or ground microphone.