Kids' Corner

Are you a parent, an educator, or a young aspiring Water Warrior? Check out our children’s Activity Books and learn all about water through these fun, age-appropriate activities!

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Drinking Water Week (May 2-8)

AWWA kids activity sheets

Printable Water Fun from AWWA!

These fun children's activity sheets from American Waterworks Association (AWWA) can be printed out and used to convey the importance of drinking water to young consumers.

Water Cycle Puzzle

Eye Spy

Coloring Sheet

Water Maze

Additional Resources

Thank You!

We loved receiving these beautiful letters and drawings from local 5th grade students and teachers who participated in our annual Water Education program! Lesson plans looked a bit different this year, but we're thrilled to know the water conservation message still resonated outside the traditional classroom!

5th Grader Thank You Note 3


5th Grader Thank You Note 2


5th Grader Thank You Note