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How to Start Xeriscaping with Water-Wise Plants

In a sustainability-conscious and water-saving culture, more people are choosing to “xeriscape” and opt out of traditional lawns that require more resources. Read on to learn about xeriscaping and how it can beautify your lawn with water-wise plants.

How Does a Truck Clean Water Pipes?

Read on to learn how we’ve added a powerful truck to our workforce to help to clean water pipes and continue to deliver high-quality water.

23 Amazing (and Unusual) Water Facts to Know

Check out these 23 amazing (and unusual) water facts and simple life hacks to help you use water more wisely in your home and business.

Love It or Lose It: Go Lawnless with Water-Wise Plants

Learn how to conserve water and save time by going lawnless or try xeriscaping by swapping out your tired, water-hungry lawn for water-wise and native plants.

Do You Know the Water Quality Parameters for Your Tap Water?

The water quality standards we use to deliver safe and high quality water are the result of a number of factors that keep customers like you in mind.

Potty Facts: 4 Things You Didn’t Know About Game Days

What happens during halftime breaks or the seventh-inning stretch? Check out this list of game day “facts” and creative ways stadiums conserve water.

Making the Grade: ASCE Releases 2017 Water Infrastructure Report Card

Here’s what you need to know about what ASCE found regarding the nation’s water infrastructure:

Your Top Water Rate Questions Answered

We answer your questions on why water rates increased, what triggers the adjustment, how they are implemented and what customers can do to manage their bills.

Knowing Your Water is Safe to Drink

The availability of safe and high quality drinking water is a top concern for many homeowners — and for San Jose Water (SJW).

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