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March 2022 Water Conservation Results

You may be wondering why we are talking about March results in May. It takes about two months to
gather the data and for usage numbers to be released.

The dry start to 2022 continued into March with only .36 inches of rain falling during the first three
months of the year. A typical year of rainfall during the same period is 7.45 inches of rain.
Truth is, it can be tough to conserve during the winter months. Water usage tends to be primarily
indoors. This means cutting back usage in showers, toilet flushing, dishwashing, and laundry for most

In March 2022, customers

3rd Graders VS. The Drought

yash and ishaan science project

When two eight-year-old boys learned about their science project at school, they decided to step out of the standard display board model and go big!

Yash and Ishaan decided that the ongoing drought isn’t too big to conquer — if everyone does their part. So, they issued a challenge for everyone in their community to choose five different ways to save water beginning May 1st to May 31st

These creative and gritty third graders came up with suggestions for fellow students (and grownups, too!) to save water. Their research came up with the following ways to use this precious resource

Water Usage Up 20% in February 2022

Call for conservation continues

2022 is off to the driest start for San Jose in recent history.

A now third year of the California drought is deepening after a promising winter start. A very wet December followed by a dry January, February and March means conservation has never been more important.

In February 2022, water usage climbed 20% over the same time period in 2019. Valley Water, the water wholesaler for Santa Clara County, has asked residents to cut back water use by 15% from 2019 levels.

SJW Conservation Results - Goal: Save 15% from 2019 Levels




But why is water usage heading in the wrong direction? It’s a

SJW Crew Digs for a Time Capsule

Hacienda Environmental Science Magnet

Elementary School, a longtime Adopt-A-School partner, recently called SJW for help. Our Distribution Systems (DS) department responded with an enormous digging expedition!

The school has a unique one-acre Outdoor Classroom, which is celebrating a milestone golden anniversary. It all started 50 years ago when a teacher and supporting parents desired to convert a cement parking lot into a learning space.

Thirty years, SJW led a community effort to revitalize the classroom with a filtration system and expanded pond and stream on site. Seating, a

What About the December Rains?

After our stormy December weather and a very dry January, people are naturally wondering, “What’s happening?” While no one can predict how much rain and snow may fall in the next few months, it does have many of us wondering if this variable weather is the new normal in California.

December Conservation Results  

In December 2021, customer usage was up 1% from 2019 usage during the same month. What this means is that while customers used 20% less water in November, they actually rebounded in December by using 1% more water (than December of 2019). However, there’s “more” to this than

Is the Drought Over?

A very wet December has everyone’s hopes up that the drought has ended. But as 2022 begins, it’s a bit premature to start celebrating. 

According to the Drought Monitor, the recent rains have moved most of the Bay Area out of the exceptional drought condition into a severe drought stage. So, yes progress has been made. 

Drought Monitor

However, more than a few storms are critical to ending the past two-year deficiency. We need continued precipitation for the next few months to help replenish reservoirs and groundwater tables. 

On a statewide level, all eyes are on the Sierra Nevada snowpack

Disaster Preparedness

California is prone to many disasters including earthquakes, wildfires, flooding, storms and power outages. Most Californians will experience at least one of these at some point. Being prepared for the next emergency is the best thing you can do to ensure your health and safety. As September is Emergency Preparedness Month, here are some tips to help you prepare for an emergency.

Stay Informed

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Checking for Toilet Leaks: It’s Important!

According to the EPA, American households waste nearly 1 trillion gallons of water due to household leaks. And, of all the possible leaks, those from your toilet are the most common, wasting up to 72,000 gallons a year ( Knowing how to find leaks can reduce water waste and lower your water bill.

Performing a dye test is an easy, quick, and affordable way to know whether your toilet is leaking. Sometimes a leak makes a hissing sounds, but not always.

Without performing a dye test, it can be easy to overlook a leak. All you need for the test is food coloring (found

Getting to the Bottom of Tank Cleaning

Belgatos Tank Inside
Interior of Belgatos Tank

Ever wonder how to clean a tank that holds 20 million gallons of water? Very carefully!

SJW regulatory maintains its 96 tanks and reservoirs that dot our 140 square mile service area. But did you ever know how and why?

Tank and reservoir cleaning programs are essential for water utilities to provide clean, safe, high quality drinking water. Tank cleaning removes sediment which can harbor microbial growth, assists with keeping a stable disinfectant residual, controls taste and odor, and allows for a thorough inspection to determine the overall health of the tank.

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