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Water Blogged

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Winter Water Safety & Preparedness

It's finally raining! Check out these tips to make sure you and your family stay safe during winter weather.

San Jose Water CEO Reflects On Values

See what CEO Eric Thornburg thinks about the importance of being responsible for a community's water service.

Detecting Water Loss From Space

Satellites aren't just for cell phones and GPS anymore.  Learn how SJW uses them to conserve water!

Water Loves Chocolate

Valentine’s Day 2018 is here and as millions of people are set to share time together and possibly enjoy a little V-day chocolate, it may be surprising to learn that water is the key to your love’s heart. Yes, as it turns out, water knows no bounds.

Water Treatment Upgrades Arrive at Montevina

Santa Cruz Mountain Montevina Plant to begin full operation this week.

Temporary Water Source Change For Some San Jose Water Customers

Residents on the west side of San Jose Water’s service area will temporarily receive groundwater.

How SJW Uses Cutting-Edge Water Loss Prevention Tech

Water is precious. We treat it that way.

Irene: SJW's Ironwoman

Let this sink in: 2.4 mile swim, 112 mile ride, 26.2 mile run.

Our Favorite Sources for Water News

Here are our four favorite sites for staying up to date about water news, as well as sources we recommend for learning about the complex water industry.

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