New Development Contacts

New Development

For information concerning subdivisions, commercial & industrial development, fire hydrants, and private fire service connections contact:

Nicole Fourie Dunbar, P.E.
Engineering Unit Manager
Phone: (408) 279-7862

Jim Bariteau
Senior Water Services Representative
Phone: (408) 279-7874

New Water Service

For information concerning new homes, house remodels or additions, residential fire sprinklers, will serve letters and lot splits contact:

Wanda Folk
Water Service Representative
Phone: (408) 279-7879

Jay Coito
Water Service Representative
Phone: (408) 279-7983

Breanna Tollner
Water Service Representative
Phone: (408) 279-7887

Water Flow Design Information

For information concerning Computer Simulated Hydrant Flow, Commercial and Residential Sprinkler Design contact:

Phone: (408) 918-7362
Fax: (408) 279-7889
or e-mail: Please include the words WATER FLOW in the subject line and all of the following:

- Requestor's name
- Company name if applicable, company mailing address, phone number and e-mail address
- Street name and address of the project
- Nearest cross street to that location
- A sketch map of where the flow information is requested

Static Pressure Information

For information concerning Static Water Pressure contact:

Phone: (408) 918-7361
Fax: (408) 279-7889
or e-mail: Please include the word STATIC in the subject line.

Map Information

For information concerning SJW’s underground utility maps contact:

Phone: (408) 918-7360
Fax: (408) 279-7889
or e-mail: Please include the word MAP in the subject line.

General Engineering Information

For information concerning all other requests, contact:

Fax: (408) 279-7889
or e-mail: