Portable meters provide water for construction and other uses where normal service is not available. Meters are sized at 1 inch and 3 inch for potable water. Non-potable/recycled water is available only for 3 inch meters.

Portable meters are available to rent. You may fill out this form and bring it to our Bascom Avenue location along with the deposit.

Portable Meter Required Deposit

Required deposit for portable meters
Size Required Deposit
1 inch $400
3 inch $1,550

Accepted Forms of Payment for Deposit

  • Company Check
  • Money Order

Personal checks, cash or credit cards are not accepted.


Portable meters follow the same rate schedule as general meters. Current rates are available on our Schedule 1 from our Billing Schedules

Meter Reading

All reads must be faxed to (408) 279-5698 or emailed to billing@sjwater.com no later than the 15th of the month. If the read is not received by the 15th, the account will be assessed a $25.00/ month No Read Fee.

Address Check

Check your address here to see if your home or business is within the SJW service area. Please note that if you are near the border of the SJW service area, the nearest fire hydrant may be serviced by a different water utility.

Annual Inspection

All meters must be brought in annually for inspection. To schedule an inspection, call our Purchasing Department.

Recycled Certification

Certification is required to use recycled water. To learn more about certification contact South Bay Water Recycling.