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Rain Report

Rain showers my spirit and waters my soul. - Emily Logan Decens

Curious about how much rain we've collected this year? Want to check on the rain totals after the last big storm? We've got you covered.

San Jose Water tracks precipitation totals at a number of its lakes and reservoirs. We use the data for tracking purposes. We provide this information because we know our customer's water-wise households are tracking rain fall patterns, monitoring their landscape watering, and using precipitation totals to identify the best times of the year to plant their gardens.

Current year to date* totals as of April 9, 2018

27.06 in. @ Black Road – Santa Cruz Mountains, Los Gatos

19.03 in @ Big Basin – Santa Cruz Mountains, Saratoga

11.45 in @ Cox – Cox Ave., Saratoga

31.10 in @ Lake Elsman – Santa Cruz Mountains

26.54 in @ Lake Kittridge – Santa Cruz Mountains

14.44 in @ Central – Central Ave., Los Gatos

11.27 in @ Grant – Vine Street, San Jose

13.30 in @ Miguelito – Miguelita Rd., East San Jose Foothills

19.67 in @ Montevina – Santa Cruz Mountains, Log Gatos

13.00 in @ 7 mile – Los Gatos

*Totals reflect the rain year which is tracked July 1 - June 30.