What to do if you feel your usage is higher than normal:

  • Compare the current usage to your usage last year. Use the same billing period one year ago. Please avoid comparing usage to the previous statement; usage during the summer months can rise due to outside watering.
  • If you do any outside watering, do you recall when you began to water and is it during this billing period?
  • Turn on your sprinkler system and determine if you have any broken sprinkler heads or soggy areas in the lawn.
  • Have you made any changes to the watering schedule to water more often?
  • Do you suspect a leak at your home or business? See our section on How to Detect Water Loss.
  • If you suspect your toilet is leaking, please see our section under Conservation for further assistance.
  • If you recently repaired a leak you may be considered for a one-time courtesy adjustment. Your account must be active 12 consecutive months or longer and you must verify the repair. Contact us for further information.

Contact the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC)

If your matter is not resolved by working with our Customer Service Department, you may forward your issue to the CPUC, send the bill and a letter stating the basis for the dispute to the following address:

California Public Utilities Commission's Consumer Affairs Branch
505 Van Ness Avenue Room 2003
San Francisco, CA 94102
(800) 649-7570

If the disputed amount is still due, please follow these instructions. Please enclose the disputed amount, made payable to the California Public Utilities Commission. Upon receipt of the payment and your letter of dispute, the Commission will review the basis of the dispute and disburse the payment accordingly. The Commission will not, however, accept payments if your dispute appears to be over matters that do not relate to the accuracy of the bill. Examples of issues the CPUC would not assist with include water quality, low pressure or hours of operation.