Residents to receive financial assistance in the event of a natural disaster

SAN JOSE, CA November 5, 2019 - San Jose Water, a wholly owned subsidiary of SJW Group (NYSE: SJW), now provides disaster relief protections to support customers who fall victim to unpredictable emergencies. If someone loses a home, business or property due to a disaster declared by the state or federal government, the company will offer certain case-specific financial assistance, including waiving bills and automatically closing accounts. The new program also offers support to residents who experience more temporary disaster impacts.

Customers whose homes are damaged, evacuated or temporarily uninhabitable due to a disaster, will be able to receive bill credits and/or prorated monthly service charges. Other protections include waiving deposit requirements and reconnection or facility fees. In addition, San Jose Water will offer extended payment plans on a case-by-case basis, work with residents to resolve unpaid bills and minimize service disconnections for non-payment. 

“Supporting our customers through their most difficult times is key to our culture and our commitment to serve as a company. We know how devastating the recent California wildfires have been to people’s lives. We are here to help and ensure that our customers don’t have to worry about their water bill or service when facing a disaster,” said Andy Gere, President and Chief Operating Officer of San Jose Water.

These and other protections are expected to help improve water service accessibility despite difficult setbacks, as customers work to get their lives back to normal. 

San Jose Water has a disaster relief page on its website with a full list of customer protections, as well as contact information for fielding inquiries.

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