SJW Group Coast to Coast Sustainability Report 2020

Corporate Sustainability Reports

Corporate sustainability has always been a critical part of the San Jose Water mindset, especially during trying times like the global pandemic that impacted every community in 2020. We are proud of every individual employed under the SJW Group umbrella for staying focused on our collective mission to deliver reliable and high quality water to all customers, through COVID-19 and beyond.

Water flowing down a damn ledge

SJW Group is committed to responsible environmental stewardship of this life-giving resource in our work with every company in this partnership, coast to coast. Over the past year, we took careful steps to protect and reinforce local water resources and infrastructure, including:

  • Enhanced service to customers and communities throughout the combined organization, such as sharing of best practices, operational expertise, and more extensive technical and financial resources
  • Continued commitment to environmental stewardship and sustainability with an effort to further reduce the companies’ environmental footprint
  • Ongoing economic development of local service communities through growth, safety, and reliability investments.
A male San Jose Water employee smiling with his arms cross in front of work truck.

While we celebrate the progress we made in the face of trying circumstances, we understand that significantly more will be required to meet the goal of making 100% of our purchased power carbon-free by the end of 2021. For this reason, we are committed to exploring new innovations in sustainable water storage, treatment, and distribution.

Other milestones the report covers include our position as industry leaders in water loss prevention using Advanced Leak Detection technology, as well as an update on our active pursuit of Advanced Metering Infrastructure.

CEO Eric Thornburg signing spare the air banner


In response to successful workplace adaptations due to COVID-19, SJW CEO Eric Thornburg joined forces with several other Bay Area companies and organizations in signing the "Cut the Commute" pledge.

This agreement applies permanent changes to our remote work policy, allowing employees flexibility to work from home select days of the month moving forward. This new policy will help to ease traffic congestion and lead to a 25% reduction in carbon emissions.


We proudly invite you to learn more about our achievements in sustainability by downloading a copy of this report, using the link below.

SJW Group Corporate Sustainability Report 2020