New Development Contacts

New Development

For information concerning subdivisions, commercial & industrial development, fire hydrants, and private fire service connections contact:

Nicole Fourie Dunbar, P.E.
Engineering Unit Manager
Phone: (408) 279-7862

Jim Bariteau
Senior Water Services Representative
Phone: (408) 279-7874

New Water Service

For information concerning new homes, house remodels or additions, residential fire sprinklers, will serve letters and lot splits contact:

Wanda Folk
Water Service Representative
Phone: (408) 279-7879

Jay Coito
Water Service Representative
Phone: (408) 279-7983

Breanna Tollner
Water Service Representative
Phone: (408) 279-7887

Water Flow Design Information

For information concerning Computer Simulated Hydrant Flow, Commercial and Residential Sprinkler Design contact:

Phone: (408) 918-7362
Fax: (408) 279-7889
or e-mail: Please include the words WATER FLOW in the subject line and all of the following:

- Requestor's name
- Company name if applicable, company mailing address, phone number and e-mail address
- Street name and address of the project
- Nearest cross street to that location
- A sketch map of where the flow information is requested

Static Pressure Information

For information concerning Static Water Pressure contact:

Phone: (408) 918-7361
Fax: (408) 279-7889
or e-mail: Please include the word STATIC in the subject line.

Map Information

For information concerning SJW’s underground utility maps contact:

Phone: (408) 918-7360
Fax: (408) 279-7889
or e-mail: Please include the word MAP in the subject line.

General Engineering Information

For information concerning all other requests, contact:

Fax: (408) 279-7889
or e-mail:

Information Request Timing

Flow design information requests take 5-10 business days to process and we handle them in the order we receive them. We will notify you by e-mail of our computer-simulated results. Upon your request, we can also mail you the results.

Previous Requests

If you are inquiring on the status of a previous request or unable to e-mail the information, call (408) 918-7362. Please leave your name, location of the request and your phone number.

For flow information from existing fire hydrants requested by fire jurisdictions, please include any and all comments from the Fire Department.