System Improvements

SJW employees updating water pipe

System Improvements

San Jose Water is committed to providing safe, high-quality, reliable water. To ensure this, we continually invest in our system and upgrade older infrastructure.

Pipes have a useful life of 100 years or less. We have made a commitment to replace 1% of our system or 24 miles of pipes annually to meet that 100-year turnover. Over the past decade, we have invested more than $1 billion in capital infrastructure on behalf of the communities we serve.

Below is a summary of SJW’s infrastructure investment by community served for the period of 2013 through 2017, and separately for the General Rates Cases (GRC) 2018-2020 and 2021-2023.

For 2021-2023 General Rate Case Application

JurisdictionTransmission & Distribution (T&D)Non-T&D or TBD LocationsTotal By Jurisdiction
Campbell$3,180,258   $4,057,826$7,238,084
Cupertino$16,803,732   $2,432,242$19,235,974
Los Gatos$15,824,142   $3,637,042$19,461,184
Monte Sereno$595,502   $222,342$817,844
San Jose$243,415,206   $54,599,660$298,014,866
Saratoga$24,288,615   $3,411,240$27,699,855
Unincorporated$59,256,245   $2,996,747$62,252,992
Total$363,363,700   $71,357,099$434,720,799

For 2018-2020 General Rate Case Application

Jurisdiction      Transmission/Distribution     Non-MainsTotal By Jurisdiction
Los Gatos$14,257,084$9,439,601.61$23,696,686
Monte Sereno$9,268,084$1,036,584.98$10,304,628
San Jose$92,894,008$166,609,500.67  $259,503,509
Total$184,247,600$217,726,400   $401,974,000

For years 2013-2017

Jurisdiction     Transmission/Distribution     Non-MainsTotal By Jurisdiction
Los Gatos$24,583,421$10,522,310$35,105,731
Monte Sereno$1,785,076$1,155,480$2,940,555
San Jose$197,473,485$185,719,356$383,192,841
Total$302,449,815$242,699,286     $545,149,101