Cartoon image of two smiling water drops looking at each other with hearts rising between them

Water Loves Chocolate

Valentine’s Day 2018 is here and as millions of people are set to share time together and possibly enjoy a little V-day chocolate, it may be surprising to learn that water is the key to your love’s heart. Yes, as it turns out, water knows no bounds.

It might sound like a strange love story, but water is one of the most valuable resources on the planet and while cocoa beans are chocolate’s main ingredient, water is not far behind. In fact, it takes an astounding 450 gallons of water to make a classic 3.5 oz. chocolate bar – that’s enough water to satisfy nine thirsty elephants for a day! We know that makes it sound much less sweet. But, the 450 gallon water footprint is mostly accounted for by cultivation of the cocoa plants before they are processed, packaged and put onto retailer shelves.

The largest cocoa producer in the world is Cote D’Ivoire, followed by its neighbors Ghana, Nigeria, and Cameroon. That means much of the water consumed to produce our chocolate eaten this coming Valentine’s Day comes from West Africa.

We all value water as a vital element to good health, but it is easy to overlook its importance in the things we enjoy.  So, as you feel the love this Valentine’s Day, make sure to send some to our dear friend, water.