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New Groundwater Well Site Online - Water Source Change for Some Customers

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We have recently completed work on our newest groundwater production station, and will be producing water from this station in the next few weeks. The new groundwater station is located on McLaughlin Avenue, and has been inspected and permitted by the Division of Drinking Water.

Due to this change, you may experience some differences to your water quality which include:

  • Water which is not fluoridated. The water purchased from Valley Water (which you were receiving previously), is fluoridated.
  • Harder water, which could mean a change to scent and taste.

Groundwater, one of Santa Clara County's greatest natural resources, is pumped by San Jose Water (SJW) to provide a safe and reliable water supply to our customers. Groundwater has different characteristics than surface water produced by a treatment plant.

It has higher hardness, due to minerals like calcium, and can cause aesthetic issues such as spots on glassware. Water hardness does not affect the health or safety of your tap water, which continues to meet all federal and state regulatory standards.  SJW collects and analyzes drinking water samples every business day throughout our distribution system to ensure that the water served to our customers meets all drinking water standards.

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Please check out our FAQs on hard and soft water.

This new source is not currently anticipated to significantly decrease concentrations of fluoride from the current levels, which are recommended by the Center for Disease Control and Public Health Officials. Additionally, SJW is working with the County Public Health Department to fund and build a fluoridation facility at our McLaughlin groundwater station to prevent any disruption of optimal fluoride levels in the future.

To check on the fluoride concentration you have been receiving, please visit our fluoride concentration page. SJW also recommends you consult with your dentist if you have any concerns regarding this change in fluoridation.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact our Customer Service Advocates by phone at (408) 279-7900 or by email

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