Meet Wanda Folk, Senior Water Services Representative in the Water Services Engineering Department. This department is the first point of contact for developers & homeowners who need new water service connections for their projects.

Wanda’s favorite part of her job is learning the steps involved in acquiring a property, developing plans customized to the type of business, and guiding all the business and engineering processes necessary to bring a customer’s project to life. Wanda also thinks a great perk of her job is being among the first to know where the newest restaurants, shopping centers, and other developments are going to be around town. Finally, Wanda enjoys being the liaison between our very talented group of engineers and our customers.

Wanda was born in Rockledge, Florida, and lived in Cocoa until the second grade. Her dad worked at Cape Canaveral during the Apollo rocket launches in the late 60’s.  When the program closed, they moved to San Jose where her dad began working for General Electric. Wanda admits that though California is great, Florida had better beaches!

When Wanda isn’t at work, you can find her smoking & grilling food on her pellet grill/smoker. She enjoys trying out different recipes, spices, and techniques. So far, she’s done ribs, briskets, chicken, tri tip, and chuck roast. She even engages in online groups that share creative ways to cook with smoke and fire and enjoys seeing their successes and failures while sharing her own.

Wanda also enjoys hiking and gardening, reading mystery books, and going to $6 Tuesday movie nights at our local theaters. The last concert she went to was The Band formerly Known as Oingo Boingo at the Mountain Winery.

Wanda wants to share how lucky she feels to work with such a good group of people both within and outside of the engineering department. She shares that everyone is very supportive of their coworkers, very responsive and always willing to help one another. It’s truly a pleasure for her coming to work each day.