I’m Colby Sneed, the Director of Operations and Treatment at San Jose Water. In my position, I oversee the production, treatment, transmission, and storage of your drinking water. My team and I manage all of the pumps, motors, control valves, tanks, and reservoirs to keep the water flowing through our infrastructure system.

My favorite part of the job is working with my team to solve complex problems. We have great camaraderie and enjoy working together. I started working at SJW as an intern 23 years ago. Through my internship, I found that the water industry is truly a hidden gem. Once I was in, I knew I wanted to stay and learn more. To help young professionals understand career options at SJW, I’ve  participated in open houses and career fairs to try to encourage students to join the water utility industry. My team also hosts presentations for students and school clubs that work on water-related  projects to help educate kids on the importance of water utilities.

Photo of Colby Sneed and his family at a baseball game
Colby with his family

I’m a Bay Area native, born and raised in the Los Gatos, Campbell area. In fact, my two sons are attending the same schools I did. Being able to serve the community that I grew up in is the most meaningful part of my work at SJW. I take pride in providing the single most important utility that my community consumes on a daily basis. 

Being a San Jose native, I understand the importance of water conservation. I do my part by limiting outdoor irrigation and I have installed drip systems throughout my yard. I also get my car cleaned at the carwash because they have systems in place to recycle and conserve water. When I’m not working, you’ll find me outside golfing, hiking, and coaching my kids’ sports teams.