When you open the faucet in your kitchen sink, you can be confident San Jose Water (SJW) delivers water that is clean, clear and tasty. The water quality standards we use to deliver safe and high quality water are the result of a number of factors that keep customers like you in mind.

How Are Water Quality Standards Set?


Water quality standards are set from a variety of trusted sources, including statutes, regulations and policies. These include federal drinking water standards like the Federal Safe Drinking Water Act, which sets drinking water standards for the entire country. Nationwide standards are developed and enforced by the Environmental Protection Agency. In California, the state Division of Drinking Water is responsible for setting drinking water standards that are equal to or more stringent than federal standards. In addition, SJW also sets its water quality standards designed to enhance public health protection and the aesthetic properties of the water we deliver.

How Is Water Utility Service Different than Other Utility Services?


Water utilities deliver water that meets all drinking water standards although there are many other uses (e.g., bathing, cooking, cleaning, irrigation, etc.). In fact, water is the only utility service that is consumed and thus stringent water quality standards exist to ensure public health protection..

Where Can I Find Out More About Water Quality Parameters?


A variety of information is available if you’re interested in delving into the details of water quality to find out specifics, like the chemicals monitored and methods involved.

You can learn more about the standards that make SJW water safe and suitable for different uses by checking out the following:


When you understand how water quality standards are designed to protect public health, you can turn on the tap with confidence that your water is managed for the single purpose of providing you with the best drinking water possible.