SJW truck with orange cones

Can You Help Us #TracktheTruck?

San Jose Water has some sleek new utility trucks coming to a neighborhood near you.  If you’re already following us on Facebook or Twitter, you can follow the trucks using #trackthetruck as they head out into the field to handle everything from meter relocation projects to fire hydrant repair work.

These new vehicles come equipped with all of the bells and whistles that will make it easier, safer and more efficient for distribution system crews to maintain the reliable operation of our water delivery network.

Managing, maintaining and upgrading a vast and complex water system that serves more than a million people requires investing in great people, great tools and great infrastructure. Your water rates support this investment and ensure that your family and future generations continue to enjoy the same safe, high-quality, reliable water service that has been serving Silicon Valley since it was the “Valley of Heart’s Delight.”

Stay tuned this week as we roll out the key details that make these trucks a “disruptive” technology, in Silicon Valley parlance. Here at the Water, we simply say, “They’re awesome.”

If you spot one of these good-looking crew trucks out in the field, do us a favor and @ us with the hashtag #trackthetruck or post on our Facebook page and let us know.