Located in the foothills of Los Gatos in the southwest corner of Belgatos Park lies an important piece of our water system infrastructure. Belgatos Station previously consisted of 2 earthen embankment reservoirs that stored up to 9.5 million gallons of potable water and served approximately 84,000 people in the San Jose Water service area.

In 2014, improvements to the Belgatos reservoirs were identified due to the geological instabilities, proximity to a seismic fault, and the aging condition of the interior columns, roof systems, and floor liner. Originally constructed in 1956, the earthen reservoirs were nearing the end of their useful life and are now getting a much-needed upgrade to improve system reliability, and provide safe, high-quality water to customers of the Los Gatos and San Jose area.

Through geotechnical investigation and consultation, San Jose Water has embarked to replace both reservoirs with prestressed concrete tanks to provide the best seismic response and long range service to the community we serve.

Currently the two earthen reservoir facilities have been demolished, and earthwork grading with lime treatment to enhance ground foundation strength as well as foundation piers and subgrade has been established.  Reinforcing steel and seismic cables have been placed and concrete poured to create the base for tank #1. The tank shell will be constructed next. When the project is completed, two 2.37 MG post-tensioned concrete reservoirs will stand and will be safe and reliable for the homes and parks nearby. We know that there can be no company without a community, and we appreciate the public’s patience as we work towards upgrading a critical water station in our service area.


Check out some images of the improvement project: