Construction work on Hamilton Ave

Hamilton Avenue Potable Water Pipeline Replacement

San Jose Water (SJW) is currently replacing water mains in the City of Campbell. Customers located along the affected streets will experience intermittent impacts related to the work. Those impacts include periodic water outages and increased traffic due to lane closures to accommodate work. SJW is working closely with the City of Campbell on traffic issues to minimize the disruptions as much as possible.

Why is this work being done?

SJW has maintained a long-standing tradition of providing a high quality and reliable water supply coupled with exceptional customer service. To that end, we are constantly maintaining and improving our facilities to meet this challenge and the needs of our customers. This project is funded through water rates and will improve system reliability and fire protection in the area. The new facilities will provide reliable service for the next century.

Where is the work happening?

The water main replacement work will primarily affect Hamilton Avenue between San Tomas Expressway and Salmar Avenue as well as parts of Winchester Boulevard. The site location map shows the extent of the project within the city.


When is it happening?

Sections of the project officially began April 29, 2019 and the remainder is currently scheduled to be completed in December 2019. A construction notification will be placed on your door (door-hanger) approximately one week prior to construction starting near you. Work is sequenced to minimize interruption of the water service we provide. However, during construction it may become necessary to interrupt your water service temporarily, as is typically necessary to make final connections of the new pipe to existing facilities. You will receive an additional notification through a door-hanger a minimum of two days in advance of any planned interruption lasting more than 20 minutes. The door-hanger will inform you of the day, time, and duration of the planned water outage.

What to expect?


SJW and its contractors will take all appropriate steps to create the least amount of disturbance to the surrounding areas while performing this important pipeline replacement project. We will employ the best available practices to minimize inconveniences to our neighbors without compromising work site safety for the crews and the public during construction. There will be temporary traffic control measures which may include flaggers and other workers directing traffic to ensure the safe passage of all and for the safety of our workers. Minor delays in accessibility to driveways can be expected but will be minimized whenever possible. 

Who to call for more information?

If you have project related questions or concerns, call SJW Customer Service at (408) 279-7900 or email When asking a question or providing a comment regarding this project, please refer to the reference project number, H9-021.