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Villa Ave. Leak Claims Process

We strive to maintain a safe and reliable supply of water to our customers’ homes and businesses and understand that leaks, service interruptions, and other emergencies may cause damage to a customer’s property. If you incurred losses or damages for which you believe we are responsible, you may file a claim to recover those losses or damages.

Claims are evaluated case by case based on the information and documentation you provide. To evaluate your claim, we must determine how the incident happened, the nature and extent of your damages, whether or not we caused it, and what the law considers fair compensation.  You may expedite this process by providing applicable records and documents to support your claim and the damage amount. Examples of supporting documents may include:

  • For property damage claims: purchase receipts or proofs of purchase, damage or repair estimates, before and after photographs and videos, invoices, and proof of loss statements;
  • For business loss claims: name and type of business, bank statements, revenue and expense statements, sales receipts prior to and after the incident, payroll records, and tax records;
  • For reimbursement: photographs and videos, receipts, bills of sale, proofs of purchase, and estimates of repair or replacement costs; and
  • For personal injury claims: medical records, invoice for services rendered.

The licensed third-party claims administrator is Network Adjusters, Inc. To submit a claim, please email networknewloss@networkadjusters.com. You must include the claim number (2022026507), your name, full address, phone number, and a brief description of any damages you have incurred.

You have a duty protect yourself and your property. You have a duty to mitigate damages and ensure that losses or expenses incurred because of an incident are not accumulating needlessly and are reasonable in proportion to the loss.

As another option, you can file a claim with your insurance company to reimburse you for your loss, less your deductible. Your insurer may then choose to present the claim to us to recover compensation paid to you. Your insurer may be able to reimburse you for your losses without investigation and may pay replacement value for damaged items, less your deductible.