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PromisePay Payment Plans

San Jose Water has partnered with Promise, a technology company that specializes in providing affordable, flexible, and interest-free PromisePay payment plans to customers with past due water bills. If you have an existing payment plan with San Jose Water, it will be honored until its completion. All new payment plans will be with PromisePay.

Please note that eligible SJW customers may receive a text message from PromisePay inviting you to join the program. These text messages are legitimate. If you have any questions about a text you have received, please don’t hesitate to contact the PromisePay team at 408-668-1509. SJW customers can opt out of receiving these text messages at any time.

To learn more and sign up for a PromisePay payment plan, please visit

Who is eligible?

All residential and commercial customers with a past-due balance of $100 or more.

What are the benefits?

By signing up and staying current with your PromisePay plan and your current San Jose Water bill, you will avoid late fees and a possible shutoff. Customers are eligible to use the PromisePay Portal (available in Spanish and English), which allows you to:

  • Sign up online at
  • Conveniently pay using a credit or debit card (including pre-paid cards), ACH (bank transfers), Apple Pay and Google Pay
  • Receive text reminders and notifications
  • Manage payments, request allowable extensions, modify due dates and change payment methods
Do I make my PromisePay payments and pay my current water bill?

Once you have started your PromisePay payment plan, you will be required to make monthly payments until you complete your plan.

You must continue to pay current San Jose Water bills and keep up with your payment plan or risk the possibility of a service disconnection.

Are there transaction fees?

You can make your PromisePay monthly payment using a credit or debit card (including pre-paid cards), ACH (bank transfer), Apple Pay and Google Pay.

The following are transaction fees associated with a PromisePay plan:

  • ACH (bank transfer): $1.50 per transaction.
  • Credit/Debit/Apple Pay/Google Pay: $3.00 per transaction for payments up to $499. 3% per transaction for payments of $500 and greater.
Frequently Asked Questions

To learn more about the program, head to PromisePay FAQs.