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Four San Jose Water engineers walking through an outdoor facility

Freedom of Association Policy

SJW Group promotes a responsible employment environment, and ensures compliance with the provisions of the law with regard to the terms of employment of its employees and of other workers employed on its premises. SJW Group also respects and adheres to universal principles and norms that protect human rights in employment, including respect to the freedom of association and the freedom to conduct collective negotiations. As part of this approach, SJW Group applies the following principles and work methods, in order to uphold the principle of freedom of association:

  • ●  San Jose Water Company (SJWC) maintains fair and transparent collective labor relations in full cooperation with employees who are members of the Utility Workers Union of America, Local 259, and Operating Engineers Union, Local 3.
  • ●  SJW Group recognizes its employees’ right to unionize and conduct collective bargaining. The collective bargaining agreements in place at San Jose Water Company apply to two-thirds of employees of the Company, excluding those who are in administrative (non-union) group positions;
  • ●  The UWUA Local 259 and OE Local 3 labor unions are active participants in SJWC committees including Employee Safety, Joint Labor-Management Training, Employee Uniforms, Company Values and the Administrative Committee for the pension, salary deferral and social welfare plans.  
  • ●  Both labor unions operate on the basis of the Agreement between SJWC and their respective memberships, accessible to all employees in handbook form as well as electronic posting on the SJWC web portal.
  • ●  The work of SJWC’s administrative management team with the employee unions follows a pattern of continual dialogue (inquiries, feedback, and meetings) and partnership in all key actions and processes in the everyday life at SJWC.

SJW Group recognizes the important role both unions and their leadership have in our success.  We share a common commitment to serving our fellow employees, customers, communities and protecting the environment.