How are my rates set? The California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) oversees regulated water companies. This is determined by looking at the costs involved in ensuring safe and reliable water system. Cost involved water supply, infrastructure and overhead.

Valley Water Rate Increase - July 1, 2021

Effective July 1, 2021, Valley Water (VW) is raising rates for all of its retailers, including San Jose Water (SJW). On average, a customer using 11 CCF, will see a monthly increase of $4.17 or 4.38%. This is approximately $0.14 per day. Water rates will rise $0.3793 per CCF.

Valley Water is the water wholesaler for Santa Clara County. In essence, VW sells water to us. This rate increase is what is known as a “pass through.” All proceeds go directly to Valley Water.

What is the relationship between San Jose Water and Valley Water?

  • SJW pays imported water charges and groundwater fees to Valley Water.
  • SJW buys “imported” water from Valley Water’s three water treatment plants: Rinconada, Santa Teresa, and Penitencia.
  • SJW also pays a groundwater pump tax to Valley Water when we pump water from our wells.
  • We have approximately 100 wells throughout our service area.
  • Valley Water is responsible for managing the county’s groundwater basin.

Where does SJW get its water from?

SJW has 3 sources of water: Imported, groundwater and local surface supply.

Why did Valley Water raise rates?

Valley Water offers an explanation of their rate increase at: