Effective July 1, 2021, Valley Water (VW) is raising rates for all of its retailers, including San Jose Water (SJW). On average, a customer using 11 CCF, will see a monthly increase of $4.17 or 4.38%. This is approximately $0.14 per day. Water rates will rise $0.3793 per CCF.

Valley Water is the water wholesaler for Santa Clara County. In essence, VW sells water to us. This rate increase is what is known as a “pass through.” All proceeds go directly to Valley Water.

What is the relationship between San Jose Water and Valley Water?

  • SJW pays imported water charges and groundwater fees to Valley Water.
  • SJW buys “imported” water from Valley Water’s three water treatment plants: Rinconada, Santa Teresa, and Penitencia.
  • SJW also pays a groundwater pump tax to Valley Water when we pump water from our wells.
  • We have approximately 100 wells throughout our service area.
  • Valley Water is responsible for managing the county’s groundwater basin.

Where does SJW get its water from?

SJW has 3 sources of water: Imported, groundwater and local surface supply.

Why did Valley Water raise rates?

Valley Water offers an explanation of their rate increase at: https://www.valleywater.org/your-water/current-water-charges.