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Employee Benefits

Introduction to SJW Employee Benefits

SJW offers great benefits. Browse this page to find out about our benefits, including medical, vision and other types of insurance.

Medical Insurance

All regular employees working more than 30 hours per week are eligible for Medical, Vision, and Dental benefits listed below on the first day of the month following 30 days of employment.

Kaiser Permanente HMO

Kaiser gives you the freedom of choosing a Primary Care Physician or setting a same day appointment with the next available physician on duty without a referral.


Kaiser Permanente (HMO)- Option 1

Kaiser Permanente (HMO)- Option 2

Annual Deductible






Physician Office Visits  

$20 copay

$40 copay

Out-of-Pocket Limit 



Lifetime Maximum



Participating Pharmacy

$10 Generic (Formulary) (Up to 100 day supply) $25 Brand (Up to 100 day supply)

$10 Generic (Formulary) (Up to 30 day supply) $25 Brand (Up to 30 day supply)

$20 Generic (Formulary) (61-100 day supply) $50 Brand (61-100 day supply)

Emergency Room

$50 copay / waived if admitted directly to the hospital

$150 copay / waived if admitted directly to the hospital


KAISER PERMANENTE HMO (Option 1): The bi-weekly payroll contribution for employee-only coverage is $13.34, two person coverage is $26.69, and family coverage is $37.76. For more information call 1-800-788-0710 or visit Kaiser's web site.

KAISER PERMANENTE HMO (Option 2): There is no monthly payroll contribution for employee, two-party or family coverage under this plan. For more information call 1-800-788-0710 or go online -

Kaiser Permanente POS

With the Kaiser Permanente POS Plan, you have the flexibility you need and the choice of physicians you want. You can see a Kaiser Permanente physician or pay a little more to see one of the 450,000 physicians who are a part of the Private Healthcare Systems (PHCS) Network. You also have options with your prescriptions. Choose any Kaiser Permanente pharmacy in California or take advantage of the participating pharmacies in the MedImpact pharmacy network.



PHCS Provider

Non PHCS Provider

Annual Deductible


$500 per person, $1,500 max

$500 per person, $1,500 max

Out-of-Pocket Max

$1,500 person/$3,000 max

$1,500 person/$4,500 max

$1,500 person/$9,000 max



90% after deductible

70% UCR* covered after deductible

Physician Office Visits

$25 co-pay

90% after deductible

70% UCR* after deductible

Preventive Services             


90% after deductible

70% UCR* after deductible

Prescription Drugs

$10 Generic (Formulary)
$30/$40 Brand

$20 Generic co-pay
$40/$50 Brand co-pay

Not Covered


*UCR = Usual, customary and reasonable – The general level of charges made by other providers for specified covered services within the area where the charge is incurred.

The bi-weekly payroll contribution for employee-only coverage is $156.46, two person coverage is $312.91, and family coverage is $442.77. For more information call 1-800-788-0710 or go online -

Employees who have dual medical coverage, may elect to opt-out of the Company’s group plans and receive a monthly compensation of $200.00

Vision Insurance

Vision coverage is included with your choice of medical plans and included in the bi-weekly contribution amounts stated above. The benefits are as follows:

KAISER HMO & POS: Frames or contact lenses covered at a $175.00 allowance every 24 months. Must be from a Kaiser facility.

Dental Insurance (Cigna)

Cigna Dental insurance is the only dental plan available to all eligible employees. Under SJW’s Cigna Dental plan, employees are provided with coverage at no charge.


Cigna’s Dental PPO (Preferred Provider Organization) option provides a network feature and offers a balance between lower costs and dentist choice. PPO dentists participate in the network thereby agreeing to accept contracted fees as payment in full rather than their usual fees for patients. When you visit a PPO dentist, you typically pay a certain percentage of the reduced rate (called coinsurance) and the plan pays the rest. While you typically have the lowest out-of-pocket costs if you visit a PPO dentist, Cigna’s Dental plan allows you to visit the dentist of your choice, even if he/she is not in the network. Benefits are covered at the same limits as the Cigna Dental PPO option, however, you will be responsible for the deductible and any amounts over the Cigna approved fee.


Cigna Dental In-Network

Cigna Dental Non-Network

Annual Deductible


$50 per individual; $ 150 Maximum

Preventive Services



Basic Services



Major Services






Annual Plan Maximum

$1,500 per person

$1,500 per person

Lifetime Orthodontia

$1,500 lifetime maximum, children only  

$1,500 lifetime maximum, children only  

Age Limitation




There is no payroll contribution for employee, two-party or family under this plan. For more information call 1-800-244-6224 or visit

Employees who have dual dental coverage, may elect to opt-out of the Company’s group plan and receive a monthly compensation of $25.00.

Flexible Spending Account (Section 125)

San Jose Water Company offers a full Flexible Spending Account (FSA) through ADP. This plan consists of two FSAs - Health Care and Dependent Care. Flexible Spending Accounts are tax shelter plans allowed by the IRS. Money in your spending account is never taxed. This plan is provided at no cost to all San Jose Water permanent employees working 30+ hours per week.

The maximum election amounts for the plan are as follows:

FSA Election Maximum Amount HealthCare  

FSA Election Maximum Amount Dependent Care




For more information visit

Life Insurance

LIFE/ACCIDENTAL DEATH & DISMEMBERMENT: All employees are eligible on the first day of the month following 30 days of employment. Union employees are covered at one times their annual base salary. Administrative employees are covered at two times their annual salary. Premiums are paid for by the Company.

Optional Life/Accidental Death & Dismemberment Insurance

Additional life insurance of $15,000, $25,000, $50,000 or $100,000 can be purchased at the employee’s expense at an additional low premium rate. AD&D coverage is equal to the life insurance benefit and is paid in the case of an accidental death. Dismemberment benefits are paid as outlined in the certificate.

LONG TERM DISABILITY: Includes free ID theft recovery services and will preparation through insurer. All employees are eligible on the first day of the month following 30 days of employment. Income protection received for long-term illness/disability in excess of six months at 60% of monthly base pay. Short-term disability provided by the State of California.

401(K) Plan

Employees are eligible to enter the 401(K) plan on the first day of the calendar month following employment. The maximum allowable contribution is 25% per pay period. The Company matches 100% of the employees’ first 3% contribution and 50% of the employees’ next 2% contribution. All employees may change the amount of their deferral up or down once per month. The maximum contribution in 2018 is $18,500. Company contributions are immediately 100% vested. The following funds are offered: Vanguard 500 Index Fund, Vanguard Prime Money Market Fund, Vanguard Admiral Treasury Money Market Fund, Dodge & Cox Income, Dodge & Cox Stock Fund, Vanguard Total Bond Market Index Fund, Vanguard Small-Cap Index Fund, Vanguard Mid-Cap Index, Vanguard PRIMECAP Fund Investor, Dodge & Cox International Stock, and Vanguard Target Retirement Funds.

For more information call 1-800- 523-1188 or visit

If you are age 50 or older in the year of 2016, you may be able to make catch-up contributions to the plan. These catch-up contributions provide you with a second chance at retirement savings because you can contribute over and above the maximum otherwise permitted by the plan. The maximum catch-up contribution is $6,000 in 2018. You must be deferring the plan maximum of 25% or you must contribute up to the maximum employee pre-tax contribution of $18,500 before you can make a catch-up contribution. There is no Company matching on catch-up contributions.

Employee Stock Purchase Plan (ESPP)

Employees are eligible to enter the ESPP at the start of the next Offering Period, following employment. Each offering period consists of six months beginning the first business day of February each year to the last business day of July and from the first business day of August each year to the last business day of January of the following year. Employees may contribute between 1% and 10% of base salary to purchase stock at 85% of the fair market value (closing price) on the Purchase Date. All employees may change the amount of their deferral down once per offering period.

Retirement Plan

Employees are eligible for the Retirement Plan as of the date of employment (see Plan provisions). Participants receive a quarterly pay credit based on years of service as follows:

Years of Service  

Credit Percentage  

< 5 years


5 - 9


10 - 14


15 - 19


20 or more


A quarterly interest rate based on the 30-year T-Bill is also applied, with a guarantee of at least 3.25% and a maximum of 6%. This plan has a 3-year cliff vesting schedule and upon termination is payable as a lump sum or annuity to the Participant or his/her beneficiary. Participants who attain the “Magic 75” are eligible for the retiree monthly medical benefit of $150 per retiree and $100 for a spouse at age 55, $200 each at age 60, and $250 each at age 65.

Holiday Pay / Vacation

SJW recognizes and observes 14 paid Holidays for full-time and regular part-time employees in the Utility Workers Union of America. For administrative and Operating Engineers Union, SJW recognizes and observes 10 paid Holidays and 4 paid Personal Days for full-time and regular part-time employees in the Utility Workers Union of America. All employees are eligible immediately following the date of hire. The Holiday Schedule will be determined and announced by management each year.

Vacation time will be accrued and accredited as illustrated below:

Years of Service

Accrued Vacation Per Year

After 1 year to 4 years

2 weeks

5 to 12 years

3 weeks

13 to 19 years

4 weeks

20 to 27

5 weeks

After 28

6 weeks

Sick Time Leave

After one year of service, employees are eligible for up to eighty (80) hours per year to a maximum accrual of 1,040 hours. Employees may use up to forty hours of their accumulated sick leave per calendar year for immediate family care.

Tuition Reimbursement

All employees are eligible following six (6) months of full-time employment. Reimbursement includes tuition, books, and registration for job-related courses or courses related to a position within SJW. Approval must be received prior to the commencement of classes. The maximum annual reimbursement is $4,000 for union employees and $5,000 for administrative employees.

Commuter Assistance Program

The Commuter Assistance Program (CAP) benefits employees who live at least 20 miles from the Bascom Avenue site. Regularly scheduled trains and buses and a customized shuttle service are used to transport employees to and from work Monday – Friday (excluding holidays) during commute hours. The Company reimburses participating employees at a rate of 50% of the cost of the appropriate monthly ticket (subject to federal income tax; however, for 2012, up to $125.00 of each ticket is tax exempt).

The descriptions of San Jose Water Company benefits presented here summarize the highlights of the plans. If any statement here, or in any other communication, conflicts with applicable plan documents, the documents will govern. San Jose Water Company reserves the right to amend or terminate any of its employee benefit plans in any respect and at any time.