About Supplier Diversity

San Jose Water (SJW) has a long-standing commitment of seeking business relationships that enable us to provide our customers with excellent customer service and a reliable supply of high quality water at a fair and reasonable price.

SJW's supplier diversity program is designed to encourage, recruit, and utilize women, minority, disabled veteran and lesbian, gay, bisexual, and trans-gendered enterprises within our supply chain. We refer to these businesses as Diverse Business Enterprises (DBE's). As a regulated utility within California, our supplier diversity program is based upon guidelines established by the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) for regulated energy and telecommunication utilities, therefore, CPUC certification is the only certification recognized by SJW.

The California Water Utilities' Supplier Diversity Program

The California Water Association (CWA) is a membership organization representing investor-owned water utilities that provide high quality water services to nearly six million people throughout California. Seven investor-owned water utilities participate in the Utility Supplier Diversity Program (USDP). The attached brochure explains more about the program.

2016-2017 Utility Supplier Diversity Report to the CPUC

2017-2018 Utility Supplier Diversity Report to the CPUC

2018-2019 Utility Supplier Diversity Report to the CPUC

2019-2020 Utility Supplier Diversity Report to the CPUC