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Getting to the Bottom of Tank Cleaning

Belgatos Tank Inside
Interior of Belgatos Tank

Ever wonder how to clean a tank that holds 20 million gallons of water? Very carefully!

SJW regulatory maintains its 96 tanks and reservoirs that dot our 140 square mile service area. But did you ever know how and why?

Tank and reservoir cleaning programs are essential for water utilities to provide clean, safe, high quality drinking water. Tank cleaning removes sediment which can harbor microbial growth, assists with keeping a stable disinfectant residual, controls taste and odor, and allows for a thorough inspection to determine the overall health of the tank.

San Jose Water

Innovation in Action: Remotely Operated Vehicle Saves the Day – Underwater!

San Jose Water typically uses an underwater remotely operated vehicle (ROV) for inspections and sediment collection in our tanks. However, the team found a new use for the ROV when a large tank sprung a leak.

View from the ROV inside the tank
View from the ROV inside the tank

The leak was large and although our crew members tried to make repairs on the fly, the sheer power and volume of water rushing out was unmanageable. The hole was plugged as a short-term solution. The team went back to the drawing board to figure out how repairs could be made. Options considered included completely taking the water out of the tank; hiring a diver to plug the hole

Employee Spotlight: Madeline Ramirez

Madeline at her desk

Brimming with a warm and friendly disposition, Distribution Systems (DS) clerk Madeline Ramirez has been an invaluable member of both DS and previously the Customer Service department since 2004. Beyond her reputation as a hard worker and team player, colleagues know her as “the cat lady,” a term of endearment she owns proudly.

Ramirez’ role in DS affords her plenty of variety on a day-to-day basis. Her duties involve everything from handling permitting requirements from all City and County offices in the SJW service area, to coordinating with various contractors whose systems

Pipes: San Jose Water's Buried Treasure

Closeup of cast iron pipe piece from 1892

Anyone who has dropped by an open house or other SJW-sponsored event may have noticed an assortment of pipe parts that we keep on display to educate visitors. These are part of a collection belonging to Jim Wollbrinck, Manager of Security and Business Resiliency at SJW. His time in the Distribution System Maintenance Department allowed him to amass these historical appurtenances dating back to SJW’s founding in 1866.

Staff showing pipe to booth visitor

Pointing to a cast iron water main with the year 1892 embossed onto it, Wollbrinck explains that some of these vintage pipes are actually still in use in various

SJW’s Dave Wilson Digs Heavy Metal… In More Ways Than One

side by side of Dave at work and Dave performing in a show

By day, Dave Wilson is a skilled locator for the Distribution Systems department at SJW. This involves visiting various sites around the service area to let contractors know where our facilities are located underground, using a metal detector. By night… you can catch him rehearsing or performing with his hard rock / heavy metal band, Mukagee, whose Facebook page currently boasts over 17,000 followers from across the globe.

Dave was exposed to music from a young age, growing up hearing his mother sing for their church choir and later with the San Jose Symphonic Choir. She even had the

Your Guide to Water-Wise Gardening Year-Round

Even following a season of heavy rainfall, California will always be susceptible to drought, so selecting plants that can withstand inevitable dry spells will always be critical. Whether you’re a veteran green thumb or a gardening first-timer, you don’t need to worry! At San Jose Water, we’ve pulled together all the best tips and resources to help you become a water-wise gardening pro.

Lawn with sprinklers on

First Steps

First, check out our Water Calculator to determine how much water your outdoor space currently uses. Your results will generate a schedule based on how many gallons your lawn or other plant

2020 Water Awareness Night

Updated:April 24, 2020

Due to COVID-19, the May 22, 2020 event has been cancelled. We will update once we have more information about a possible future date.  


San Jose Water has been a proud sponsor of Water Awareness Night with the San Jose Giants for 24 years. The event is scheduled for Friday, May 22, 2020 as listed in the bill insert sent to all of our customers.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) has affected our entire community. San Jose Water and Minor League Baseball are both monitoring the situation closely.

Major League Baseball announced the postponement of the start of the

Using GIS to Improve Service for our Community

San Jose Water (SJW) has been serving the South Bay Area for over 150 years, and during that time, a lot has changed in the way of water infrastructure technology. Earlier this year, the Montevina Water Treatment Facility was reopened after receiving significant upgrades, including new ultrafiltration technology. While Montevina’s innovative upgrades have received a lot of attention, it’s not the only example of how SJW is utilizing technology to improve service for our customers.

Geographic Information System, or GIS, has been used by SJW since 2008 to manage information about our entire

Water Wise Breweries in California

Water is everywhere. We use it daily and it’s the key ingredient in making almost everything that we use. If you are a regular reader of our blog, you know that everyday objects such as paper, gasoline, shoes, t-shirts, phones, and jeans require a surprising amount of water to manufacture. It probably doesn’t surprise you to know that making beer also requires a lot of water. For breweries, water is everything. From growing the grains and hops, to brewing, to pasteurizing, and to shipping - water is the fuel that runs the business. Did you know that it takes approximately 20 gallons of water