New Groundwater Well Site Online - Water Source Change for Some Customers

Blowoff sump along a chain link fence

We have recently completed work on our newest groundwater production station, and will be producing water from this station in the next few weeks. The new groundwater station is located on McLaughlin Avenue, and has been inspected and permitted by the Division of Drinking Water.

Due to this change, you may experience some differences to your water quality which include:

  • Water which is not fluoridated. The water purchased from Valley Water (which you were receiving previously), is fluoridated.
  • Harder water, which could mean a change to scent and taste.

Groundwater, one of

2020 Infrastructure Update

As we approach the end of the year, we offer a snapshot of the critical infrastructure improvements we've achieved in 2020, strengthening our system resiliency and benefiting hundreds of thousands of SJW customers.

The Belgatos Reservoir Replacement Project that began in 2018 was recently completed, three months ahead of schedule and under budget. Belgatos Station previously consisted of two earthen embankment reservoirs that stored up to 9.5 million gallons of potable water and served approximately 84,000 people in the San Jose Water service area. The two new pre-stressed concrete tanks

Supplier Diversity Spotlight: Touré Carter

When SJW’s Tim McLaughlin met now-TM Carter Co. CEO Touré Carter at the Silicon Valley Black Chamber of Commerce conference last year, it was the perfect example of “right place, right time.” As SJW’s Director of Supplier Diversity, Tim regularly speaks at events like these to educate local minority-owned business owners on processes for getting certified and winning contracts with large companies like SJW. They are also great networking opportunities, as Touré discovered during a break between sessions.

TM Carter Co equipment clearing site for SJW project
TM Carter Co equipment clearing site for SJW project

“When you start meeting people who are like you, that’s when you know you’re on the

SJW Replaces 175,000 Gallon Pike Tank

Image of original tank
Original Pike tank

A major part of SJW’s commitment to provide safe and high-quality drinking water to our customers is the replacement of aging infrastructure. We’re happy to announce the completion of our most recent effort: replacing the Pike Tank in Saratoga.

The original tank, constructed in 1982, held 175,000 gallons. The new steel tank has a storage capacity of 283,200 gallons that will allow it to meet increased local water usage, fire suppression demands, and building code requirements. In addition, new electrical communication and water quality equipment, including a 40-foot antenna, was

Construction Allowed Again in California, SJW Readies to Resume

Backhoe digging in street

During the past couple of months, several construction projects were put on hold due to the shelter-in order from the state. As of May 4, Governor Newsom’s order allows construction to resume with the guidelines below. As SJW readies to begin construction projects, we will be implementing safety measures to protect the health of our employees.

  • Allowing workers to wear masks over their nose and mouth to prevent them from spreading the virus.
  • Continuing to use other normal control measures, including personal protective equipment (PPE).
  • Avoiding physical contact with others and

SJW Construction Stoppage

In order to follow the state and county shelter-in-place order, as well as to protect the health of our employees per CDC public health guidelines, we are suspending all non-emergency construction activity requiring field support by our engineering and construction teams until further notice. This includes water main replacement projects and nearly all other planned capital improvements. Projects currently underway are being brought to a safe and secure stopping point.

Another construction photo

Our focus during the COVID-19 outbreak is to provide reliable and safe drinking water to customers and our community

Investing in Our Water System Today

Building for the Next Century

Making sure that our customers have safe, clean and reliable water service means that our water system must be maintained and upgraded as time goes by. In our approximately 140 square mile service area, there are 2,400 miles of water mains, 106 tank and reservoirs, 20,143 hydrants, and 35,143 valves - that’s a lot of infrastructure to maintain!

In 2020, SJW continues its commitment to maintaining and upgrading our water system, investing almost $120 million to ensure we can safely and efficiently serve customers now and for the next 100 years.

Here’s an

Lake Kittredge Wetland Restoration

 Army Corps of Engineer working on the wetlands

San Jose Water manages almost 6,000 acres of watershed in the Santa Cruz Mountains including five reservoirs, seven water supply intakes, and over 100 roadside culverts. Maintaining our facilities while prioritizing the environment requires a delicate balance, but as a dedicated environmental steward, SJW makes managing these natural resources a top priority.

Taking responsibility for the maintenance and management of these natural resources required that SJW obtain an Army Corps of Engineers Regional General Permit and a Lake and Streambed Alteration Agreement from the California

Coming Soon: Mains For The Next “Big One”

Earthquake pipe standing vertical

In the wake of the series of strong earthquakes that hit Southern California earlier this summer, concerns about the next “Big One” have resurfaced for many Bay Area residents.

At San Jose Water (SJW), we take seismic safety precautions very seriously. One of the greatest threats that large earthquakes pose in a heavily populated area such as this is the potential cutoff of water supply. For this reason, we have broken ground on a major earthquake-resistant main replacement project on the Old Santa Cruz Highway in Santa Clara County, between Idylwild Road and Holy City Road.