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Checking for Toilet Leaks: It’s Important!

According to the EPA, American households waste nearly 1 trillion gallons of water due to household leaks. And, of all the possible leaks, those from your toilet are the most common, wasting up to 72,000 gallons a year (smarthomewaterguide.org). Knowing how to find leaks can reduce water waste and lower your water bill.

Performing a dye test is an easy, quick, and affordable way to know whether your toilet is leaking. Sometimes a leak makes a hissing sounds, but not always.

Without performing a dye test, it can be easy to overlook a leak. All you need for the test is food coloring (found

A Peek at Wetlands Conservation

Image of local protected wetlands

San Jose Water’s mission includes not only delivering high-quality water to our customers but also protecting the environment - two things that go hand in hand. As part of our ongoing commitment to environmental stewardship and sustainability, we maintain a number of critically important wetland mitigation sites on the Los Gatos Creek Watershed and in Santa Clara County.

What is a wetland mitigation site? In a nutshell, mitigation allows us to responsibly compensate for unavoidable environmental impacts through habitat restoration, creation, conservation, and enhancement. Impacts from

Xeriscaping: What's It All About?

Native flowers in front of a house

Most of us grew up with the image of flat green lawns and colorful flower beds as the standard for home landscaping. More and more frequently, we’re seeing those traditional scenes replaced with varied greenery, native plants and windswept grass. There’s a name for this trend, and fall is the perfect time to give it a try!

Xeriscaping is a water-wise approach to landscaping, growing in popularity in drought-prone regions like California. In a nutshell, it’s a system of using only plants that are native to an area, reducing the need for irrigation. It rejects the notion that bringing in

Reducing Our Climate Impact

Here at San Jose Water (SJW), we’re taking aggressive steps to mitigate our climate change impact by working to drastically reduce our carbon footprint. SJW’s Climate Change Policy is guiding our effort to provide sustainable water supplies to customers, and we continually aim to be an environmentally responsible organization that’s doing all that it can to transition to a low-carbon economy.

Fifth Graders Get Water Wise!

Take-home water saving kit

San Jose Water (SJW) is committed to increasing water conservation awareness not only among adults, but youth as well. Since 2015, SJW has carried out a school-based water education effort known as the WaterWise™ Program. This program is designed to bring hands-on conservation lessons into the classroom and home.

The WaterWise Program is taught in 5th grade classrooms throughout the SJW service area through the Franklin Energy program. Once the program team identifies and enrolls teachers and students within our service area, teachers are provided with a Teacher Book and Student

SJW Fleet Goes Green with Switch to Renewable Diesel

Update: October 2020

SJW has moved to biofuels in place of diesel fuel for all of our trucks and construction equipment that use diesel.  The fuel is provided by Neste, the leading producer of biofuels in the world.  The biofuel is a high quality renewable diesel fuel that is also known as Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil, and is considered an advanced form of biofuel that is superior to traditional biodiesel.  The fuel is comprised of waste fats (such as animal and fish fats) and vegetable oil residues (such as palm oil, corn oil and soybean oil) which results in up to 90% reduction in

Your Guide to Water-Wise Gardening Year-Round

Even following a season of heavy rainfall, California will always be susceptible to drought, so selecting plants that can withstand inevitable dry spells will always be critical. Whether you’re a veteran green thumb or a gardening first-timer, you don’t need to worry! At San Jose Water, we’ve pulled together all the best tips and resources to help you become a water-wise gardening pro.

Lawn with sprinklers on

First Steps

First, check out our Water Calculator to determine how much water your outdoor space currently uses. Your results will generate a schedule based on how many gallons your lawn or other plant

Using GIS to Improve Service for our Community

San Jose Water (SJW) has been serving the South Bay Area for over 150 years, and during that time, a lot has changed in the way of water infrastructure technology. Earlier this year, the Montevina Water Treatment Facility was reopened after receiving significant upgrades, including new ultrafiltration technology. While Montevina’s innovative upgrades have received a lot of attention, it’s not the only example of how SJW is utilizing technology to improve service for our customers.

Geographic Information System, or GIS, has been used by SJW since 2008 to manage information about our entire

San Jose State University: Award-Winning Recycled Water Star!

SJSU Soccer Field Repaired pipes
Irrigation repairs to South Campus soccer field mains

San Jose Water is thrilled to announce that San Jose State University (SJSU) has been selected as the winner of two awards for its exceptional and innovative water recycling program: “Customer of the Year” by WateReuse California, and “Water Conservation Champion” by the City of San Jose’s Climate Smart Champions program. We were proud to nominate the University for both of these remarkable achievements as a valued SJW customer, and because of the immense effort the campus has made to meet ambitious sustainability goals over the last several years.

WateReuse California represents a