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San Jose Water's Summer Internship Program

The best way to learn about your field is through hands-on experience – that’s what internships are for! Here at San Jose Water, we value your ambition and career goals, and we want to make sure that students have the ability to grow and develop the necessary skill set to do well in their career of choice. SJW’s internship program provides mentorship, guidance, competitive pay, and even the opportunity to convert to full-time.

Public Notice: Attend A Public Participation Hearing To Learn More About SJW Rate Case

San Jose Water is holding a Public Participation Hearing (PPH) regarding the General Rate Case (GRC).

Health Benefits of Water

The old adage tells us that “You are what you eat,” but we think that you are what you drink - and that’s mostly water.

Water-Smart Vegetable Garden

Spring is here, and you know what that means – more sunlight and nutrients to help your garden grow! However, more heat exposure can be detrimental to the sustainability of your plants, and therefore, may require more maintenance and watering than usual. Fortunately, there are some great tips to follow to ensure that your vegetable garden is water-smart and gets just enough of what it needs to continue thriving year-round.   

Rates Going Down?

You might notice a small savings on your next bill. There's a reason for that.

Water-Smart Landscaping

Spring is here! With warmer temperatures that are perfect for outdoor enjoyment, it’s time to start thinking about developing a water-smart landscape for your home. We believe a beautiful yard can be achieved without water-heavy and water-dependent features, which are time-consuming to maintain and expensive to keep. Water-smart landscaping is responsible landscaping! Here is a surefire guide to conserve water this season.

Cape Town Conservation Postpones Day Zero

We know that earth’s resources are limited – but to what extent? Here in California, we are fortunate to have multiple sources of water as well as substantial emergency drought measures that will help carry us through difficult times. Not all countries, however, have the means to do so.

San Jose Water Launches Instagram

A picture is worth a thousand words, and we are all about telling our story.

Temporary Water Source Change For Parts of Santa Clara Valley

Residents on the west side of our service area will temporarily receive groundwater during planned treatment plant maintenance activities.

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