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Montevina Water Treatment Facility wins NARUC Innovation Award

We are pleased to announce that the Montevina Water Treatment Facility has been recognized by the National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners (NARUC) with their Innovation award in the water category. NARUC is a non-profit organization representing commissioners across the country who regulate vital utility services like water, electricity, and telecommunications. They strive to improve the regulation of public utility services to better serve the people that use them.

The purpose of the NARUC Innovation Award is to recognize innovation in the public utility sector, especially

SJW Honors Its Veterans

On Veteran's Day and every day, San Jose Water is proud to honor and employ our military vets. On behalf of a grateful nation, we want to thank all those who served for their sacrifices.  

In honor of Veteran's Day, we'd like to feature San Jose Water's Assistant Corporate Secretary and Corporate Counsel Willie Brown. Today Willie plays a vital role supporting our Board of Directors and managing critical legal issues and contracts for the company but he started his career in the Air Force.  

Read on for a brief interview with Willie on his military service and what it has meant to him.

Water Wise Breweries in California

Water is everywhere. We use it daily and it’s the key ingredient in making almost everything that we use. If you are a regular reader of our blog, you know that everyday objects such as paper, gasoline, shoes, t-shirts, phones, and jeans require a surprising amount of water to manufacture. It probably doesn’t surprise you to know that making beer also requires a lot of water. For breweries, water is everything. From growing the grains and hops, to brewing, to pasteurizing, and to shipping - water is the fuel that runs the business. Did you know that it takes approximately 20 gallons of water

New San Jose Water Montevina Treatment Facility Receives Environmental Award

We are thrilled to share some exciting news about our newly re-designed Montevina Treatment Plant. In September, San Jose Water was awarded the Environmental Engineering Project award for the new facility. The award was presented by the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE).

The award, granted annually, recognizes projects that demonstrate innovation and improved practices in the water treatment industry by updating existing methods and incorporating emerging technology. The upgraded Montevina Water Treatment Plant opened on May 23rd, 2018.

The plant is equipped to:

  • t

Lake Ranch Improvement Project

Nestled in Sanborn County Park, in the Santa Cruz Mountains southeast of San Jose, lies Lake Ranch - a 70 million gallon water storage reservoir owned and operated by San Jose Water. You’re probably aware that there are many lakes in the Santa Cruz mountains, but did you know that this reservoir was constructed 144 years ago? It was originally built to meet the growing water demand for the town of Los Gatos. Now boasting water demands of over 1 million residents in the Greater San Jose area, it’s no secret that our reservoir needed to undergo improvements to its infrastructure for safe and

San Jose Water is Getting Prepared

The month of September is here! Children are back in school, the leaves are beginning to change, and South Bay weather is cooling off. September also marks the beginning of National Preparedness Month. Now in its 15th year, National Preparedness Month is a nationwide, month-long effort which encourages and reminds us all to prepare and plan for disasters or emergencies in our homes, businesses, and communities.You may have come across an article recently explaining how San Jose Water is playing a proactive role in preparing for emergency situations. Our community is subject to many types of

Join San Jose Water at Water Appreciation Night!

Did you know that about 95% of the water entering our homes goes down the drain? This can be attributed to leaving the tap on while brushing your teeth, over-watering plants, or using leaky faucets. Regardless, it is important to become more involved in reducing our water usage, as water is a limited resource that shouldn’t be taken for granted.

To raise awareness and show our appreciation for this precious resource, San Jose Water will be hosting SJSU's annual water awareness night at the homecoming football game vs the San Diego State Aztecs on Saturday, October 19th at the CEFCU Stadium

Water, Water Everywhere!

With the upcoming Day Without Water on October 10, San Jose Water is really looking at the value of water in our lives. We use it every single day, whether it’s to drink, clean, or cook. But have you ever wondered what else we need water for?

Fun fact: water is a key ingredient in making almost everything we use, from our clothes to our phones to the fuel that goes in our cars. This is because water is involved in nearly every step of the manufacturing process. Take, for example, a plain cotton t-shirt. Cotton is a thirsty plant, so a lot of water goes into making sure the cotton plant is

Shirley Lewis Sculpture Walk Event

On Friday, July 20, San Jose Water partnered with the Guadalupe River Park Conservancy (GRPC) to unveil the final piece of the Shirley Lewis Rotary Sculpture Walk. The special event commemorated Shirley Lewis’ dedication to the park, public art, and the City of San Jose.

Shirley Lewis, who served as a San Jose City Councilmember, President of the San Jose Rotary Club, and President of the Guadalupe River Park Conservancy, was passionate about bringing visitors to the park. She wanted to expand the Children’s Sculpture Walk as a fun activity to encourage families to visit the park and enjoy

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