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2019 San Jose Water Infrastructure Projects

San Jose Water is committed to infrastructure improvements that optimize the balance between levels of service, impact on rates, and risk. We use innovative solutions to manage assets and leverage cutting-edge technology to make effective decisions and meet or exceed all water treatment standards so that we deliver the best water possible to our customers, 24/7. Here's an overview of the projects in progress this year alone. 

San Jose Water 2019 Infrastructure projects map
Construction site for main replacement

Water Main Replacements

San Jose Water replaces 1% or approximately 24 miles of pipe per year. This is essential in order to maintain a good working piping

Water Quality 101

We are proud to serve over one million customers with high quality, life-sustaining water along with exceptional customer service. On top of that, we are always committed to supplying water that meets or surpasses all state and federal drinking standards. But what steps do we take to ensure that our water is safe, and how do we determine overall water quality? We take three main factors into account.

san jose water employee collecting water for testing

Most of our water contains two harmless minerals: calcium and magnesium. These minerals are formed when water comes into contact with limestone, which contains calcium and

2019 San Jose Water Rates

SJW understands your concerns about recent rate increases and changes to your water bill*. Therefore, we’ve created a sample bill comparison that identifies the changes to your bill in 2019. 

We fully encourage and applaud our customers’ efforts to reduce their water consumption, as this will always be a vital step in combating drought in this region. However, water conservation is unrelated to the funding required to replace, repair and maintain the infrastructure that delivers reliable, clean, high quality water to your home.

*Your bill represents two months of water service (see

SJW Fleet Goes Green with Switch to Renewable Diesel

Update: October 2020

SJW has moved to biofuels in place of diesel fuel for all of our trucks and construction equipment that use diesel.  The fuel is provided by Neste, the leading producer of biofuels in the world.  The biofuel is a high quality renewable diesel fuel that is also known as Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil, and is considered an advanced form of biofuel that is superior to traditional biodiesel.  The fuel is comprised of waste fats (such as animal and fish fats) and vegetable oil residues (such as palm oil, corn oil and soybean oil) which results in up to 90% reduction in

SJW’s Dave Wilson Digs Heavy Metal… In More Ways Than One

side by side of Dave at work and Dave performing in a show

By day, Dave Wilson is a skilled locator for the Distribution Systems department at SJW. This involves visiting various sites around the service area to let contractors know where our facilities are located underground, using a metal detector. By night… you can catch him rehearsing or performing with his hard rock / heavy metal band, Mukagee, whose Facebook page currently boasts over 17,000 followers from across the globe.

Dave was exposed to music from a young age, growing up hearing his mother sing for their church choir and later with the San Jose Symphonic Choir. She even had the

Your Guide to Water-Wise Gardening Year-Round

Even following a season of heavy rainfall, California will always be susceptible to drought, so selecting plants that can withstand inevitable dry spells will always be critical. Whether you’re a veteran green thumb or a gardening first-timer, you don’t need to worry! At San Jose Water, we’ve pulled together all the best tips and resources to help you become a water-wise gardening pro.

Lawn with sprinklers on

First Steps

First, check out our Water Calculator to determine how much water your outdoor space currently uses. Your results will generate a schedule based on how many gallons your lawn or other plant

2020 Water Awareness Night

Updated:April 24, 2020

Due to COVID-19, the May 22, 2020 event has been cancelled. We will update once we have more information about a possible future date.  


San Jose Water has been a proud sponsor of Water Awareness Night with the San Jose Giants for 24 years. The event is scheduled for Friday, May 22, 2020 as listed in the bill insert sent to all of our customers.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) has affected our entire community. San Jose Water and Minor League Baseball are both monitoring the situation closely.

Major League Baseball announced the postponement of the start of the

PUC Inviting Customers To Offer Opinions on WCMA Surcharge

Understanding Your Bill: Surcharges and Service Charge Changes

WCMA Surcharge Under Consideration; Customers Have Opportunity to Provide Feedback

San Jose Water (SJW) customers will have an opportunity to weigh in on the 2018 Water Conservation Memorandum Account (WCMA) surcharge currently under consideration.

This surcharge, if approved by the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC), would allow SJW to recover its uncollected fixed costs from 2018.  The majority of costs to operate a water utility are fixed (60%) in order to maintain the water system, and provide safe

Using GIS to Improve Service for our Community

San Jose Water (SJW) has been serving the South Bay Area for over 150 years, and during that time, a lot has changed in the way of water infrastructure technology. Earlier this year, the Montevina Water Treatment Facility was reopened after receiving significant upgrades, including new ultrafiltration technology. While Montevina’s innovative upgrades have received a lot of attention, it’s not the only example of how SJW is utilizing technology to improve service for our customers.

Geographic Information System, or GIS, has been used by SJW since 2008 to manage information about our entire

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