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Water Conservation Infographic

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What Features Should a Stylish, Water-Efficient Bathroom Include?

With the high cost of a complete bathroom remodel averaging $9,825 and sometimes soaring to more than $20,000, according to Home Advisor, undergoing a massive construction project isn’t in everyone’s budget. But there are ways to save water while updating your bathroom to help make it more water-efficient. Replacing existing fixtures with new water-efficient toilets, showerheads and faucets can make your bathroom both beautiful and water-efficient.

Avoid Water Waste with Proper Irrigation and Maintenance

Building a beautiful garden that can be maintained even during summer does not have to soak up your whole water bill. In fact, you can design a lush, water-wise oasis that will thrive even during California’s drought. Along with choosing plants that do not require significant volumes of water, using an efficient irrigation system will be your best ally in reducing your landscape’s water usage.

Celebrating 150 Years of Service

On November 21, 2016, San Jose Water celebrated its 150th year of serving the community with safe, high quality, and reliable water service. What started with two tanks and 400 connections has grown into a highly efficient, reliable, and sustainable water system serving more than one million people in the greater San Jose metropolitan area.

While many things have changed over the last 150 years, the company’s commitment to delivering exceptional water service to the community remains steadfast. Reflecting on our history, we are proud of not only what we achieved but also how we achieved it

Ensuring Future Water Supply Reliability

Recycled water has long been employed for both industrial cooling purposes and for irrigation uses. Expanding its use to include indirect potable recharge (IPR), a process by which recycled water is injected into the underground and later extracted for potable use, offers the most near-term promise as a source for new water supplies. There is much support from customers, regulators, and other stakeholders to fast-track delivery of this cost-effective water supply solution.

Need for Water Allocation Plan

Water deliveries from the Bay Delta via the State and Federal Water Projects have been drastically curtailed over the last several years. Consequently, San Jose Water (as well as other retail water utilities) relied heavily on groundwater pumping to meet customer demand. Groundwater pumping basically uses previously stored water (recharged water) that over time must be replenished with water from the 

Current Water Supply Assessment

Adequate water supplies have long been an important issue for our region from its days as the Valley of Heart’s Delight to today’s Silicon Valley. Residents have appropriately placed their trust in San Jose Water and other local water agencies to ensure that adequate water supplies will be available now and in the future. Understandably, and in light of the current water use restrictions, many customers have expressed frustration at the required cutbacks and the lack of urgency to develop new water supplies.

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