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Disaster Preparedness

California is prone to many disasters including earthquakes, wildfires, flooding, storms and power outages. Most Californians will experience at least one of these at some point. Being prepared for the next emergency is the best thing you can do to ensure your health and safety. As September is Emergency Preparedness Month, here are some tips to help you prepare for an emergency.

Stay Informed

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  • S

Checking for Toilet Leaks: It’s Important!

According to the EPA, American households waste nearly 1 trillion gallons of water due to household leaks. And, of all the possible leaks, those from your toilet are the most common, wasting up to 72,000 gallons a year (smarthomewaterguide.org). Knowing how to find leaks can reduce water waste and lower your water bill.

Performing a dye test is an easy, quick, and affordable way to know whether your toilet is leaking. Sometimes a leak makes a hissing sounds, but not always.

Without performing a dye test, it can be easy to overlook a leak. All you need for the test is food coloring (found

Getting to the Bottom of Tank Cleaning

Belgatos Tank Inside
Interior of Belgatos Tank

Ever wonder how to clean a tank that holds 20 million gallons of water? Very carefully!

SJW regulatory maintains its 96 tanks and reservoirs that dot our 140 square mile service area. But did you ever know how and why?

Tank and reservoir cleaning programs are essential for water utilities to provide clean, safe, high quality drinking water. Tank cleaning removes sediment which can harbor microbial growth, assists with keeping a stable disinfectant residual, controls taste and odor, and allows for a thorough inspection to determine the overall health of the tank.

San Jose Water

Aldercroft Heights: An Exercise in Fire Safety

Hidden away from the cars whizzing by on Highway 17 is the community of Aldercroft Heights. In the summer of 2020, this community had a front row seat to the wildfires that swept through the Santa Cruz Mountains. With limited access roads to this mountain community, evacuating the area at a moment’s notice posed significant safety concerns.

Call of the Wild

Helping residents to flee quickly was the impetus behind a multi-year effort by several agencies to find additional exit routes. San Jose Water owns 6,000 acres of watershed in the area, and the property is fenced. Our watershed

A Peek at Wetlands Conservation

Image of local protected wetlands

San Jose Water’s mission includes not only delivering high-quality water to our customers but also protecting the environment - two things that go hand in hand. As part of our ongoing commitment to environmental stewardship and sustainability, we maintain a number of critically important wetland mitigation sites on the Los Gatos Creek Watershed and in Santa Clara County.

What is a wetland mitigation site? In a nutshell, mitigation allows us to responsibly compensate for unavoidable environmental impacts through habitat restoration, creation, conservation, and enhancement. Impacts from

Celebrating 50 Years of Service: José “Joe” Villagomez

On March 2, 2021, José “Joe” Villagomez celebrated 50 years of service at San Jose Water (SJW). As a Crewleader A in the Distribution Systems (DS) Department, Joe leads a crew of 3 every day to maintain the company’s water mains, valves and hydrants.

Joe Villagomez throwback
Joe (left) pictured here with Bob Chaffin, the only other SJW employee to beat out Joe’s 50 years of service with 55!

In March 1971, Joe was down to his last few dollars. Just out of the service with a wife and newborn daughter, Joe knew he needed a job to support his young family. He pulled up to SJW’s building on W. Santa Clara Street and filled out an application right before lunchtime. He was called back for an interview at 1 PM and hired at 3 PM!


New Groundwater Well Site Online - Water Source Change for Some Customers

Blowoff sump along a chain link fence

We have recently completed work on our newest groundwater production station, and will be producing water from this station in the next few weeks. The new groundwater station is located on McLaughlin Avenue, and has been inspected and permitted by the Division of Drinking Water.

Due to this change, you may experience some differences to your water quality which include:

  • Water which is not fluoridated. The water purchased from Valley Water (which you were receiving previously), is fluoridated.
  • Harder water, which could mean a change to scent and taste.

Groundwater, one of

2020 Infrastructure Update

As we approach the end of the year, we offer a snapshot of the critical infrastructure improvements we've achieved in 2020, strengthening our system resiliency and benefiting hundreds of thousands of SJW customers.

The Belgatos Reservoir Replacement Project that began in 2018 was recently completed, three months ahead of schedule and under budget. Belgatos Station previously consisted of two earthen embankment reservoirs that stored up to 9.5 million gallons of potable water and served approximately 84,000 people in the San Jose Water service area. The two new pre-stressed concrete tanks

Supplier Diversity Spotlight: Touré Carter

When SJW’s Tim McLaughlin met now-TM Carter Co. CEO Touré Carter at the Silicon Valley Black Chamber of Commerce conference last year, it was the perfect example of “right place, right time.” As SJW’s Director of Supplier Diversity, Tim regularly speaks at events like these to educate local minority-owned business owners on processes for getting certified and winning contracts with large companies like SJW. They are also great networking opportunities, as Touré discovered during a break between sessions.

TM Carter Co equipment clearing site for SJW project
TM Carter Co equipment clearing site for SJW project

“When you start meeting people who are like you, that’s when you know you’re on the

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