Santa Clara Valley Water District Work Continues To Affect Water Sources

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The Santa Clara Valley Water District, from whom San Jose Water purchases its water, is undergoing planned inspection and rehabilitation work on its Almaden Valley Pipeline, which is expected to continue into April 2018. The Santa Teresa Water Treatment Plant will be offline as a result. During this period, SJWC will deliver groundwater to customers in the SJWC service area that is south of Highway 85 and east of Union Avenue.

Groundwater, while typically “harder” than the supply normally provided to SJWC by the Santa Clara Valley Water District, meets or exceeds all applicable drinking water regulations.  Click here for more information about hard water.

Groundwater is safe to drink and meets all state and federal water regulations but it can have a slightly different taste and appearance than the water these customers typically receive. Different treatment methods and a high concentration of hardness resulting from calcium and magnesium carbonate levels can leave a residue or scale in cooking vessels and on other surfaces where it is left to evaporate.  

We appreciate your patience during this temporary change as Santa Clara Valley Water District works to upgrade its infrastructure to ensure the safe, reliable delivery of drinking water for generations to come.

For additional information and questions on hard water or treatment please call (408) 279-7900.