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SJWC’s new Water Smart Demonstration Garden is now open to the public. For many years, the Bascom Avenue pumping station at the corner of West San Carlos Street and Bascom Avenue included a lush lawn surrounded by a tall fence.

In 2010, the entire lawn was removed and replaced with new landscape consisting of 21 species of drought tolerant plants. The plants used for the garden included a variety of beautiful flowering shrubs, two flowering trees, two California native shrubs, and several hearty low water using ornamental grasses. In addition, a new irrigation system that included a more efficient drip system controlled by a weather-based irrigation controller (WBIC) was installed. The WBIC continually adjusts the amount of water the plants receive based on their actual needs by taking into account site conditions such as temperature and precipitation.

The public can now enjoy the new Water Smart Demonstration Garden via a meandering pathway with entry/exit points on both Bascom Avenue and West San Carlos Street. Facts and figures on the types of vegetation, their water requirements, light needs, and blooming seasons are posted for your information and can also be found here.


San Jose Water Company would like to thank our project partners:


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