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For 150 years, SJWC has provided exceptional customer service and maintained an exemplary water quality compliance record. Our primary goal is to provide water that meets or exceeds all applicable federal and state water quality regulations.

Beginning December 5, 2016, the Santa Clara Valley Water District will begin delivering fluoridated water to SJWC. As a result, we will in turn deliver fluoridated water to customers in certain parts of our service area as listed in our letter to customers. Over the next year, we will conduct additional sampling to evaluate the level of fluoride as well as its reach in our water system and will communicate our findings to customers.

The Santa Clara Valley Water District is anticipated to deliver fluoridated water from all three of its water treatment facilities by late 2020. When that occurs, a larger portion of SJWC’s service area will receive fluoridated water. We will inform customers as new areas receive fluoridated water.

SJWC has historically maintained a neutral position on water fluoridation. Water fluoridation is simply a process in which naturally occurring fluoride levels in drinking water are adjusted to an optimal level recommended by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services of 0.7 mg/L (parts per million) for the prevention of tooth decay. SJWC’s own sources of supply from its wells and surface water from the Santa Cruz Mountains contain low levels of naturally occurring fluoride. Please refer to our Consumer Confidence Report at the link below for more information.

California law (Section 116409-116415 of the California Public Health and Safety Code) requires water systems to fluoridate their supply if funding for capital and ongoing operation and maintenance of the system is provided by a source other than the utility or its customers. The Santa Clara County Public Health Officer, the Health Trust, and the California Dental Association have approached SJWC to express their interest in fluoridating SJWC’s water supply if they are able to obtain the necessary outside funding. As required and to comply with all drinking water laws and regulations, SJWC must then fluoridate our water supply if the necessary outside funding is provided.

Keeping customers informed is important to us and a letter with additional information on water fluoridation is being mailed as a bill insert to all customers from September 21, 2016, through November 21, 2016. Links to the letter as well as other fluoridation information are included below. 

Please note that SJWC cannot answer your health-related questions on this topic. A special toll free number has been set up by the California Department of Public Health at 1-844-435-8420 to receive your inquiries or you may consult your health care provider. To reach the Santa Clara Valley Water District, please call 408-630-2020.

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