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What about Cryptosporidium?

Fortunately, the general public is at very low risk; there have never been any cases of Cryptosporidiosis attributed to the public water supply in our service area. However, because the disease is potentially very serious for people with compromised immune systems-such as chemotherapy patients, organ and bone marrow recipients or people infected with HIV or AIDS- the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) has issued guidance for preventing exposure to Cryptosporidium. The guidance recommends that people with such conditions consult with their doctor or health care provider about preventing infection from all potential sources of Cryptosporidium and may choose to boil their drinking water for one minute as an extra precaution.

For more information about Cryptosporidiosis or a copy of the Fact Sheet, contact CDPH’s Division of Communicable Disease control at (916) 552-9700. Or contact the Santa Clara County Department of Environmental Health at (408) 885-4214.