What to Expect

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After service has been restored, you may experience an uneven or pulsating stream of water from your faucets or fixtures when you first use them. This is usually caused by a small amount of air trapped in your plumbing lines and will resolve itself after a few minutes through normal water usage. When pipe lines in the streets are disturbed due to repairs in your area, mineral sediments sometimes break loose and cause rusty or dirty-looking water. The sediments are harmless mineral deposits that naturally occur in water. If the water does not clear after running it for a few minutes, please call us, and a service inspector will investigate the cause.

If you experience reduced or uneven flow at your faucets, cleaning all faucet aerators (screens) should alleviate the problem. Remove the aerator, clean it out, and the problem should go away. Please be aware that all approved plumbing that is in compliance with the Uniform Plumbing Code (UPC) and that has been maintained properly will not be affected by most maintenance work performed by San Jose Water Company.

If you still have a problem with water flow or color, please contact our Customer Service Department at: (408)279-7900.