Pressure Regulators

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Water mains can deliver water at pressures as high as 150 pounds per square inch (PSI). Water pressures this high can damage plumbing fixtures, valves and appliances that use water inside the home.

You can determine your static water pressure by attaching a water-pressure gauge to an outside hose bib (static pressure is measured while no water is being used on the property).

Installing a pressure-reducing valve (pressure regulator) can reduce water pressure to a desirable range of 50 to 60 PSI for inside use. To keep the desirable higher pressure for outdoor hose bibs and sprinkler use, install the pressure regulator downstream from them. The regulator is installed and maintained by the customer.

Although the regulator is the homeowner's responsibility to install and maintain, we can assist in determining if your regulator has malfunctioned. Please call our Customer Service department at (408) 279-7900. Our Customer Service Representatives will be happy to assist you.