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The Water Services Administration Office is your contact at San Jose Water Company for information regarding new water service for your project. If you are a developer with new service needs, this office can be of assistance. We are experienced in dealing with a broad range of projects, from single-family home additions/remodels to commercial buildings and subdivisions. We will work with you to confirm your service requirements, determine the most economical way to satisfy those requirements and coordinate with the local fire department to insure that your fire protection requirements are met.

Please feel free to contact the Water Services Administration Department when you are considering your new water service needs. And contact us early. We can explain the procedure to apply for new service and discuss installation costs and construction time frames. Some jobs require that new facilities be engineered - which can extend the lead-time otherwise needed for installation.

  • Project Timelines

    Engineering Timeline of Average Project.

  • General Rate Schedules

    Listing of General Rate Schedules.

  • Standard Drawings

    List of San Jose Water Company standard drawings for Domestic Services, Fire Services, Pipeline Installations and Fire Hydrants.

  • Backflow Device Information

    Listings of approved devices required for backflow protection on fire and/or domestic services.

  • Forms

    A list of all forms and sample agreements that may be needed to finalize your service request.

  • Specifications

    Documents which list all specifications with relations to the installation of pipelines, hydrants, fire services and domestic services.