Supplier Diversity FAQ

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San Jose Water Company is located in one of the most diverse counties in California. Seeking to mirror its community, San Jose Water Company is committed to promoting diversity in both its workforce and procurement opportunities. Aligning with the California Public Utilities Commission, the company seeks to promote and expand its spending with small, minority, women and disabled veteran businesses.



A woman-, minority-, service-disabled veteran-owned or lesbian, gay, bisexual and/or transgendered business enterprise (WMDVLGBTBE) is at least 51-percent owned by a woman or women, a minority person or group, service-disabled veteran or group of veterans, or LGBT, who are United States citizens or permanent residents, and who also control and run the business. In cases of any publicly owned business, one or more women, one or more minority, one or more  service-disabled veteran(s), or one or more LGBR, who are United States citizens or permanent residents, and who also control and run the business, must own at least 51 percent of the stock.


What are the advantages of the WMDVLGBTBE program?

Supplier Diversity supports strategic sourcing and offers supplier competition to ensure that MWDBE's are given the opportunity to fully participate in the company's supply chain. The supplier diversity administrator assists with developing supplier solutions to help meet supplier diversity spending targets.

Providing opportunities for MWDBE's makes good business sense. Our suppliers are among the core partners that have helped San Jose Water Company become one of the most respected investor owned water companies in California.


How do I become a certified WMDVLGBTBE?

Please visit The Supplier Clearinghouse to find out how to become a certified WMDVLGBTBE.


What are the next steps?

Register your company by filling out the San Jose Water Company Supplier Diversity Registration form to be considered for future opportunities.


If you have any questions about San Jose Water Company's Utility Supplier Diversity Program please contact Timothy McLaughlin.