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The Benefits of Online Billing

Online billing: safe, secure and free.

Two out of three customers believe it is important for billers to offer multiple ways to pay bills. Seventy percent say it’s more convenient to pay online using a mobile device. Three out of four paperless billing customers say it helps them manage their finances. Sixteen million households paid a bill on their mobile device last year.

It benefits you

No more paper bills to sort and file. See an exact copy of your bill, anytime. Receive a reminder email when your bill is ready.

It benefits the environment

According to the Pay It Green Alliance, by having your bills delivered electronically and paying them online your household can annually save six pounds of paper, save twenty-three pounds of wood, avoid producing twenty-nine pounds of greenhouse gas emissions, and reduce waste water by one point six billion gallons.


To enroll in online billing, visit www.sjwater.com/enroll/

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