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Corporate Sustainability Report

Corporate sustainability has always been a critical part of the San Jose Water philosophy. We’re excited to share the most recent progress in our 2019 Sustainability Report.

SJW Group (our parent company) is committed to responsible environmental stewardship in every aspect of what we do, from water source to clean, healthy water streaming from your tap.

Upper Cavanee Diversion - May 2019


This year alone, we:

  • Shifted to a more renewable-minded energy supplier
  • Converted our entire fleet to bio-diesel
  • Piloted electric vehicles
  • Added solar panels to our photovoltaic-based power systems
  • Rehabilitated wetlands that will protect habitats and restore endangered native wildlife
  • Improved drought resistant strategies
  • Distributed nearly 800 million gallons of recycled water to participating customers in our service area
San Jose Water employee doing maintenance repair on a residential street


While we celebrate the progress we have made this year, we understand that significantly more needs to be done to meet the goal of making 100% of our purchased power carbon-free by the end of 2021. For this reason, we are committed to exploring new innovations in sustainable water storage, treatment and distribution.

San Jose Water Employee pointing at a chart while a customer looks and smiles


We proudly invite you to learn more about our efforts and goals in sustainability by using the link below.

Sustainability Report 2019 - Download a PDF of the report here.